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June 13, 2013

Pass the comprehensive plan, disincorporate Damascus

Passing the comprehensive plan for the city of Damascus and also voting to disincorporate are the best options available.

If we can pass our plan for growth in our area, then we can say “mission accomplished” on local control. But, if we followed that with disincorporating, the cost of the plan — $550 million (not counting millions in maintenance) — would be paid by the entire Clackamas County tax base, not just the citizens of Damascus.

Why should the taxpayers of the city of Damascus be the only ones who pay for the monumental tax bill of development, which supposedly benefits the entire region?

I have no doubt that the county would implement the comprehensive plan, which would be ready to go and approved by the majority of the voters the plan affects, and the hundreds of millions of dollars in required taxes would be spread across the county.

Gary Rankin, Damascus

Intent creates good or evil

In response to the Corbett Middle School student who wrote, “I don’t feel safe knowing my peers have access to a gun,” (Letters to the Editor, May 10), I want to ask the following questions.

Do you feel safe knowing your peers have access to knives to cut apples? Do you feel safe knowing your peers have access to hammers, scissors, hatchets, screwdrivers, saws and pencils?

Please realize that anything can be a weapon and a person who wants to do evil will find a way to do so.

You stated, “Middle schoolers can’t be trusted and I get nervous knowing that kids at my school have access to a gun.”

The following is a case from October 2012 involving a middle-school aged girl from Durant, Okla.

The 12-year-old girl was home alone when a stranger rang the doorbell. She did not answer the door and the stranger went to the back door and kicked it in. The young girl called her mother, who instructed her to get her parent’s handgun, call 9-1-1 and hide in a closet.

When she saw the door knob turn, she fired a shot, wounding the intruder who fled from the home.

Guns are OK, just as any inanimate object is OK.

It is in the intent — the heart and soul — of the one who holds the object as to whether its use will be for good or evil.

Linda Burfitt, Corbett

Retain downtown Troutdale for retail

I was so excited to hear that the block in downtown Troutdale that has sat vacant and rotting for more than 10 years, was sold and new buildings would replace them.

However, my excitement was dampened at the mention of putting City Hall in the center of our downtown.

I was impressed that our new mayor was really making things happen, but to use a precious retail area for City Hall makes me wonder about his motives.

Our downtown core has a wonderful mix of shops, galleries, antiques and services. To clog it up with something that would use all the parking spaces would be a travesty.

I have already noticed, because City Hall is in two downtown locations, that it’s harder to find a place to park. And on court days, it’s a mess.

There are wiser and more suitable locations for City Hall.

Please don’t ruin our beautiful downtown, and possibly run off the businesses that have been here so long.

This is a wonderful chance to build a shopping district that we can all be proud of.

Jon Millard, Troutdale