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by: Jim Clark The Fairview city sign, which included the sign for Target, got some ribbing in 2002. It still stands today on the corner of Halsey Street and Fairview Parkway.

1912 - Pleasant Home was bragging 100 years ago that the sidewalk from the depot to the church was built, giving it as much nice sidewalk as most incorporated towns. The first four days of the New Year were clear and freezing and then an ice and sleet storm hit the area, shutting down the telephone and electric car lines and reminding people that winter could be hard.

1922 - Wolfe Lindenfeld, reported to have Bolshevik connections, was arrested in Warsaw 90 years ago because he was believed to know something about the bombing of Wall Street the previous September, and event that killed 38 people. History attributes the bombing to Italian anarchists, but it was to that date, the worst act of terrorism in the United States.

1932 - Prices at Safeway 80 years ago: a 49-pound bag of flower for 99 cents; butter, 28 cents a pound; sugar, 20 pounds for 87 cents; bacon, 14 cents a pound; cranberries, 10 cents a pound; oranges, two dozen for 19 cents; apples, 79 cents a box; and coffee, 17 cents a pound.

1942 - More than 500 aliens of German, Italian and Japanese extraction voluntarily turned in cameras, guns, shortwave radio sets, swords and numerous other items stipulated by the war department 70 years ago. Gresham's city recorder was flooded with calls from local residents wanting to know where to take the material. It was ultimately handled by the county sheriff's office with the promise that the items would be returned after the war.

1952 - The Clackamas County Bank in Sandy announced 60 years ago that it would raise the interest paid on savings accounts to 2 percent and 2.25 percent on time certificates.

1962 - If you irritated the Multnomah County Sheriff 50 years ago, your next assignment was on the Multnomah County Farm. Publisher Lee Irwin chastised County Sheriff Francis Lambert for exiling one of his officers, not coincidentally president of the county police union, to the quiet backwaters of the poor farm at Troutdale.

1972 - Des Connall, Multnomah County district attorney, explained new, and more relaxed laws, on various sins 40 years ago. A new obscenity law could get you fined if you showed a 17-year-old a copy of Playboy. But Connall also advised that adult bookstores would be coming to Gresham, and consenting adults could engage in just about any sexual behavior that did not cause physical harm. In addition, possession of an ounce or less of marijuana was reduced to a misdemeanor.

1982 - A story 30 years ago about events of 1981 had a familiar ring to it. It was, The Outlook reported, a year of layoffs, government deficits and cuts in human services, but Gresham city officials had good things to point out. The city had tightened its belt, charged residents and businesses the actual cost of sewer treatment, rebuilt police cars, moved ambulance services to a private company and took other measures to save bucks. All in all, Jim Keller, city manager, was satisfied with the year.

1992 - New national guidelines 20 years ago invoked no-smoking rules in every hospital in the country. East Multnomah County medical facilities had invoked no-smoking rules for years and were already smoke-free. Kaiser's Rockwood medical office had banned smoking in 1986.

2002 - Fairview's entry sign went up on Halsey Street 10 years ago, advertising both Target and Fairview. 'Target town,' editor Mark Garber called it. (See photo.)

2011 - Ground was broken at this time last year on the courthouse at Rockwood. Hazelynn Stomps went on trial, charged with the 2009 death of her husband, Gerald.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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