“Build it and they will come, and Corbett residents will pay.”

Those are the words on a large campaign sign in Springdale.

I want Corbett to be a premier school destination where we have the best teachers and facilities for our children. I want every child to be encouraged to take advanced placement (AP) classes.

I want there to be a waiting list for out-of-district students, whose parents care so much about their children’s education that they are willing to drive them to my small town school. Those are the kinds of families that make a school and community strong.

I believe that a community with an excellent school builds a safer community for everyone. The taxes we have already been paying for this are priceless for our community.

If we pass this bond now, before interest rates start going up, we will be able to get a lot more for our tax dollars.

I trust our superintendent and our school board to represent our community and make good decisions for our district. I believe them when they say they want to keep the school district at its current size.

I appreciate the school’s effort to hold an extended forum to get community input and approval before they decided on what to ask for from the community in the form of a new school bond.

I trust them to spend our tax money wisely. I believe they will continue to make Corbett schools the best they can be for everyone. They did an excellent job managing the Springdale School project.

I understand that some residents do not want to help pay for an excellent school and I respect their opinion.

I understand that some residents don’t want to have a premier school because it will increase property values and thus their property taxes. It will.

I understand that some residents don’t trust the school board to fully represent the community or make wise decisions. I am sad about this and hope that someday the school’s track record will prove that they do care about the Corbett community and its schools.

I understand that some residents believe that the school board is asking for too much money in this school bond. I disagree, but respect their opinion.

This amount was decided on after an extensive six-week community forum of more than 40 residents (everyone was allowed to attend) who met and discussed and reviewed many facts and then voted. Then a phone survey was conducted on all Corbett residents, after that input, the true “premier” package of $18 million was voted down, in favor of $15 million.

Some residents believe we can have a “good enough” school without money from out-of-district students. I respect that opinion, but I believe that if we do not offer an excellent school, we will not only lose out-of-district students from great families, but also many district kids and eventually, may need to close down the district.

Why even begin to head in that direction?

If you are a Corbett voter and haven’t decided which way to vote yet, please find out what you need to know in order to vote. If you have a question, please talk to people from both sides (you may make a new friend) to get your answers, and most of all please vote. Help make Corbett what YOU want it to be.

Sheron Fruehauf is the co-owner of two Corbett-based businesses. And she’s the parent of three children, a sophomore at Corbett High School and two Corbett graduates.

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