Why even have medical Insurance?

I am 74 years young and never had the occasion to visit an ER until recently.

If you are under the opinion that 'ER' stands for 'emergency room,' then you have a surprise coming. It should be named the 'WR' for 'waiting room.'

On two occasions on different days, one at 5 a.m. and the other at 7 p.m., my waiting time was more than three hours before I could see anyone resembling a doctor.

The waiting room was filled with people, and many of them had no insurance or identification of any kind. I know this because I was seated near the desk where they were checking in, and many of them didn't even carry a wallet.

If you have insurance, you are given no priority over those who don't. Undocumented migrants and drug abusers can get the same service, and they don't pay a dime. My visits to the ER cost me a $50 co-pay.

So my question is: Why should anyone pay insurance premiums to the tune of thousands of dollars a year when it appears there is no advantage to do so?

I sent a letter expressing my concerns to Kaiser, and I received a response back telling me to contact my representative in Congress.

I'm no fan of President Obama or any other politician, and I don't understand what Obama's Health Plan is all about.

I don't believe much of what I hear or read these days, but I do know what I personally experience.

I don't know if all ERs operate the same. If so, there is something drastically wrong.

If a drug abuser can spend all his money for illegal drugs and still get free health care, then why should he or anyone else pay for insurance premiums?

I feel like I'm the stupid one in this crowd. Welcome to communism.

T.R. Steffanson


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