Happy to vote for Nordbye in House race

I recently recieved my new Voter Notification Card in the mail. My voting district number has been changed from No. 50 to No. 52.

I was pleased at the change because I am qualified to vote for Peter Nordbye for state representative for House District 52.

Nordbye represents honesty in politics. He is alone in refusing to accept money from corporations or big business. He will accept a maximun donation of $50 from each qualified voter in the district. He will not accept donations from outside the district.

I had the opportunity to meet Nordbye and his family at the March 24 campaign "kick-off" at Welches. I was impressed that before he gave his presentation, he greeted each individual and publicly named all those who planned and arranged the gathering.

Peter Nordbye, when he spoke, did not shout or wave his arms about like some candidates, but calmly and with clarity spoke of his vision and hope for the future of our community and the state.

He was an effective Parkrose High School principal and promised to work for full funding for public education. He believes that local control of schools has always been the glue that holds communities together. I too, have always believed that. I am a retired teacher, too.

Mr. Nordbye promised us he would continue to work for equal rights for all citizens regardless of their race, color, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

Candidate Nordbye will work to promote business incentives that will create living jobs and at the same time assure careful stewardship of our natural resources.

I am glad he also is an environmentalist.

I am fortunate to be a resident of District 52. I was able to donate $50 to Peter Nordbye's campaign and I know my donation was equal to all others. What a bargain.

Mabel Pool


Nordbye 'tilting at windmills'; vote for Hollingsworth

Many of us question the seriousness of Peter Nordbye's decision to run for the Legislature in House District 52.

He has refused to work with the unions, the basic force representing middle- and working-class people against employer abuse.

He has refused to take donations from supporters outside District 52, for what reason heaven only knows.

He has refused donations from businesses and organizations; does he worry he might be corrupted?

He will accept only donations of $50 or less.

While these may be noble goals, they are not realistic. This man is tilting at windmills.

If he wins the primary, will he honestly be able to compete with an opponent who spent more than $500,000 in the last election? The opposition is a well-funded Republican; if you are going to do battle with a cannon, you do not select a peashooter as your weapon.

Don't throw your vote away on an unrealistic ideal. Now is not the time to select a candidate whose main argument is an ideal that will not win. This election is too important.

Marv Hollingsworth is serious about winning both the primary and the general election. Marv does not see himself as Samson to the Republicans' Goliath. Marv is serious, and his aim is to win the general election and then use his position in the Legislature to develop election reform from within.

He offers his experience and knowledge of the issues that are important to the citizens of District 52. Not only does he support the unions, they support him.

Please, think this through. Look at the reality we face in the general election. While we know corporate interests bought the winner of the last campaign and we decry the practice, that is the reality we are fighting.

Throwing your vote away on an unrealistic ideal is too much of a price to pay.

Fran Mazzara


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