June 13, 2014

Wood Village businesses support Reynolds students, parents

The active shooting at Reynolds High School on June 10 will long be remembered in the

Wood Village portion of the Portland metro area. Our hearts and prayers are with those who suffered a devastating loss. Our sincere thank you is extended to the first responders and the staff and administration of the school for their responses to this awful event.

We are particularly proud of the businesses in Wood Village that stepped forward to support the thousands of students and parents in the reunification process.

The parking area at the Wood Village Fred Meyer was selected as the location for reunification of students and parents following the evacuation of the school.

The businesses in the Town Center, including Fred Meyer, Lowes and Buffalo Wild Wings, all stepped forward to provide the crowd with thousands of free bottles of water, free snacks and cookies, and food.

The contributions these businesses made to making a horrible day a little easier are deeply appreciated.

We also were very impressed with the crowd of students and parents. People were patient and orderly, handling a very stressful situation well.

Our thanks to all the hundreds of individuals who chose to make this process reasonably orderly.

While there is nothing good about this sort of event, the excellent response from the law enforcement community and the great contributions from our local businesses are deeply appreciated.

Mayor Patricia Smith, Wood Village

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