by: Outlook archive photo This advertisement appeared in the April 24, 1952, edition of The Gresham Outlook.

1912 - A survey of automobile ownership in Gresham 100 years ago resulted in finding that 16 businessmen in Gresham owned and used a total of 18 automobiles. Several were used by Portland business men who lived in Gresham (the first commuters?) and four or five were owned by farmers in or near Gresham.

An estimated 50 automobiles were believed to be owned in Gresham and nearby localities.

At the same time, The Outlook carried a front page story about the sinking of the Titanic with 1,200 people lost.

1922 - A moving picture company under the direction of Helis H. De Valliere of Portland's Kiser Studios was in Gresham and Troutdale filming moving pictures 90 years ago. For a flick entitled 'The Old Oregon Country,' they were getting local scenery shots, and crew was also shooting a two-reel comedy film entitled, 'The Run of Smelt in the Sandy River.'

1932 - A black walnut tree, scion of a tree from Mount Vernon, was planted in front of the Corbett school 80 years ago as a monument to E.J. and Margaret Taylor. Taylor gave an acre for the first Corbett school. He and his wife and six children arrived in Lower Corbett, which was known as Taylor, in 1866.

1942 - Sugar rationing would begin on May 5, 1942, it was announced 70 years ago. The U.S. received more than a quarter of its sugar from the Philippines and Hawaii and 35 percent from the Caribbean. With Philippine production gone, Hawaii greatly diminished and ships carrying sugar from the West Indies in short supply, Americans were going to have cut back to a half pound a week per person.

1952 - Sixty years ago, an advertisement in The Outlook warned of the impending arrival of television.

1962 - The Seattle World's Fair was going on 50 years ago and the Space Needle was its centerpiece. Walt Taylor, co-owner of The Outlook, attended, marveling at the Space Needle and also making a fuss over the monorail. But don't stay in Seattle, Taylor warned, complaining about a motel room that cost $32 a night for two people.

1972 - The Gresham Outlook announced that it planned to build a new office 'way out' on Division Street 40 years ago. The new building and printing plant was set in what was largely vacant land not far from Burnside Road. We are still here.

1982 - Filmmaker Penny Allen's 'Paydirt,' an Oregon-grown film debuted in Oregon 30 years ago. Reviewer Kathy Kinen said it missed in both plot and acting. The plot about pot growers included scenes in the Columbia Gorge Hotel.

1992 - The Hell's Angels were coming to the Columbia Gorge 20 years ago for a Memorial Day weekend campout at the Overlook campground near Bonneville Dam.

2002 - A hunt was under way 10 years ago to see how many 'City of Gresham' lilacs were blooming in Gresham. Gresham dentist Dean Petterson had one in the backyard of his office. The lilac came about when the Gresham Garden Club visited the Huldah Klager lilac gardens in Woodland, Wash., and the enterprising Klager gathered up an unnamed lilac and dubbed it the 'City of Gresham.'

2011 - It was April 20 at this time last year before weather got good enough to go to the park. People were downright grumpy about the soggy spring. At Legacy Mount Hood, chaplain Harold Fuller retired from the hospital where he had served since 1979.

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