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What's Inside? Suing drug companies won't end addiction, Common sense is out the window.

FILE PHOTO - Lynch Wood Elementary is shown here. Dear Centennial School Board members, Board Chair and school officials:

First, let me thank you for your volunteerism and service to the Centennial School District and families therein.

I am writing in that I am very displeased with the actions pertaining to the naming of Lynch schools.

This is a solution looking for a problem.

Whoever came up with the idea of renaming the schools needs their own sensitivity training.

As the Oregonian and others have widely quoted, this is a teachable moment." Aren't the schools about education? Shouldn't every child in the third grade learn how their education would be quite different if not for the generosity of the Lynch family?

The schools need attention to real issues and not political correctness.

What next? Ban education on Washington and Jefferson as they held slaves? Rename Washington, D.C.? to just the "District"? Should former Attorney General Lynch be forced to change her name?

Please stop this nonsense. There is enough real work at hand.

Thank you.

Wes Bell


Suing drug companies won't end addiction

I read the July 28 Outlook article about Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury, who wants to sue Big Pharma (the makers of prescription opioid painkillers) to recoup the cost of handling the opioid "epidemic."

Her tactic appears to involve getting a declaratory judgment that such pharmaceuticals are a public nuisance.

That's a legal stretch, especially since she employs a county medical officer who has thereby failed to manage this crisis. Shared liability will kill this lawsuit, were any liability to be found at all.

More to the point, perhaps Kafoury might consider not working so hard to attract so many addictive personalities to this county in the first place. The addicts are the nuisance, not the drug-makers or their product.

George Schneider


Common sense is out the window

The Centennial School Board has proposed omitting the name Lynch from two grade schools

because the name is offensive. Educating the public with a plaque on the school about the Lynch family and its land donations for educational purposes would be more appropriate and less expensive.

Educators within the district have told me that school shirts to be issued this fall have already omitted the name Lynch.

So much for public input. Will this silliness ever end?

What would they do If I said I was offended by boys in school with the name Peter or Dick? Are the names Merry or Sonny too cheerful for depressed students to handle? How about Jewish names offending Christians and Christian names offending Jewish people?

We want to be fair to everyone don't we?

What ever happened to common sense? I wonder what the Lynch family has to say about this slap in the face.

Sharon Drew


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