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Letter: Recall effort springs from crony politics

An open letter to Fairview Mayor Ted Tosterud: I’m unsure why you continue to believe that the recall action (against you and two city councilors) is personal. Since most don’t know you, it can’t be personal. The recall action is all about crony politics gone too far.

At the first meeting of the reformed Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) on Jan. 11, 2012, the city attorney advised the committee of the following: “Committee members may not vote on action that could result in financial gain for themselves or relatives.

“Should avoid participating in discussion where a committee member could potentially financially benefit or lose. Members shouldn’t make recommendations to council that could affect members personally.”

Please explain to me how Jeff Townsend (an original committee member) or Dean Hurford and Henry Pelfrey (current committee members) could ethically recommend and vote for a waiver program of system development charges?

As the largest landowners in Fairview, they are about the only individuals who would financially gain from the program.

The questions I have for the council are simple:

  • Can you tell me that not one dime of the general fund will go to fund projects that could be paid for with future SDCs?
  • Or that the SDC revenue couldn’t be used for finishing Lakeshore Park, or for a dog park or a basketball court, that SDC funds couldn’t be used to increase the size of the Interlachen sewer interconnect, or a pipeline for Bull Run water, or to reline a reservoir?
  • Fairview is a bedroom community. It should never have the exposure that it’s getting over these issues.

    If you want to know why businesses avoid East County, all you have to do is spend half-an-hour researching our community. What you’ll find isn’t pretty.

    Jeff Dennerline