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LETTER: Canfield's accountability called into question

Published Sept. 30, 2016 -

FILE PHOTO - Robert CanfieldYour article about Robert Canfield for position 4 on the Troutdale Council (Page A3, Sept. 16) leads me to point out some facts that don’t match the headline about “fiscal accountability” in regards the votes he cast in the Budget Committee. I have been the alternate on the Troutdale Budget Committee for the last three years and it was Canfield who was the driving force behind adding $140,000 to the current budget in the form of two add-on items.

One was a dog run at Sunrise Park ($70,000), the other was a part time human resources director ($70,000). Before these additions the budget was only $17,000 to the negative side. At the City Counsel vote on the budget, the human resources director’s job was taken out, by a 4-3 vote, while the dog run stayed in. If he “demands fiscal accountability” he should practice it so we don’t have to borrow money to “pay our bills”

The question was asked by The Outlook about decisions being made behind “closed doors.” He made the same untrue charge against Tanny Staffenson, chairman of the Budget Committee, and other unnamed members of that committee at the budget meeting this year and it is a matter a public record. If Canfield has proof of this, he needs to file a complaint with the proper state agency and provide that proof, not just innuendo. At a later City Council meeting I defended Staffenson against these untrue statements by Canfield.

Also, if coming out on the losing side of 4-3 vote shows bad leadership I will take that any time over a “rubber stamp” council that votes 7-0 all the time. Debate and disagreement is how a republic works. I would like Robert Canfield’s words to match his actions.

W. Bruce Wasson