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Letter: We need low-income housing, not a casino

Published Aug. 19, 2016 -

FILE PHOTO - Matt Rossman, casino backer. The Lake Oswego land developers are back at it again (“Private casino developers back to the table,” the Outlook, Page A1, Aug. 12.) Wake up East Multnomah County residents, before they worm their way into our region.

As I recall, they promised jobs with benefits when they first proposed to build a casino in 2010, and 2012. These would be minimum-wage jobs.

I see families each week coming to SnowCap Community Charities in need of food and the simple things you and I take for granted. I have a better idea: Building low-income housing on that spot.

We do not need a casino here. It would foster organized crime, prostitution, drug dealing and the like.

How do you think Las Vegas is so big and rich? It’s off the backs of people wanting to make it big.

Rosalie Newman