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Fireworks in neighborhoods need to go

I think now may be the time for the city of Gresham to have a serious conversation about banning personal fireworks.

From the posts I read on Facebook this morning, I can rightly assume my neighborhood was not the only one under fire from overzealous neighbors with what sounded like mortars and cannon blasts.

Had this only lasted an hour, I probably would not be writing this.

Had it only lasted two hours, I may have written a different letter asking, okay, I’d be pleading for people to be mindful of neighbors who may have terrified animals, or perhaps more importantly, that a neighbor may be a military veteran suffering from PTS.

Even the three-plus hours last night of feeling like we lived in a war zone would have been tolerable had it been the first time.

But this is going on our 11th year of having windows closed, box fan on high, air purifier on high, dog in Thunder Shirt and drugged, and still pacing every time another mortar round explodes.

I use these words purposefully because outside of a professional display, no fireworks I ever witnessed as a kid sound like that.

I love to celebrate the birth of our nation just as much as anyone, and I love to watch fireworks displays. What I don’t love is that some people live for this holiday to create hours and hours of misery for others.

What goes on in neighborhoods is not the “oooh and ahhh and how pretty” kind of show. It is loud, obnoxious, and sometimes dangerous.

The city of Gresham’s website greshamoregon.gov/fireworks/ has this posted on Firework Safety:

“Fireworks that fly into the air, explode, act unpredictably......are illegal in Oregon. If the firework makes a loud boom, it’s probably illegal. If it goes airborne,... it’s likely an illegal firework. Possession of illegal fireworks is a Class B misdemeanor and carries a $1,500.00 fine.”

I’m pretty sure there was good cause to collect a few of those fines last night.

Wouldn’t it be great if the city provided simultaneous one-hour professional fireworks displays all around Gresham on certain holidays?

This would lessen or eliminate the need to travel very far to enjoy them.

It would save the would-be purchaser a ton of money, and finally, it would allow people who have to work the next day to actually sleep those nights.

Debbie Wingate