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Letters: Business group buying Troutdale election

Published Oct. 18, 2016 -

FILE PHOTO - Kelly BroomallBefore you vote in Troutdale, take a moment to figure out who is paying the campaign bills — at least $10,000 I hear — for candidates supported by the political action committee comprised of members of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce.

This is just the same old deal in a new disguise. In a recent election, a developer sponsored new candidates, many with no time or experience in the trenches of Troutdale city government. It is happening again. If a development is done well, why do they need to buy a new City Council?

And why would you consider a letter of support for those candidates from people who do not live in Troutdale. I live in Troutdale.

Kelly Broomall


Support city’s plan for community, aquatic center

As a teen I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons at community centers in Portland, learning early on how valuable these community hubs are to their surrounding areas.

As a young adult I worked in a traditional health club in various roles and found the gym to be a great place to stay active and engaged, if you could afford it.

As a young mom I found the East Portland Community Center to be incredibly valuable to the development of my kids when we went to open gyms, swim times, preschool classes and birthday parties. We were fortunate to have the time and transportation that not everyone has in order to access a Portland facility.

As the mom of older kids I feel grateful that we are able to make private sports leagues work within our budget, but feel sad for the kids for whom that is not the case. On off-seasons my kids still ask to go to open gyms and swim at the East Portland Community Center. Even though it is a bit of a drive, we do it. Why? Because playing a game of basketball in a community center is so much safer and healthier than walking around the mall with buddies or playing Xbox.

As part of my work life I sit on the board of the Gresham Senior Center. It provides seniors with a place to exercise, sew, create, learn and socialize for a small suggested donation. I see the value it adds to the lives of seniors who need a community. Some of the seniors view the center as a place for exercise, but many are looking for amenities not offered at health clubs.

And finally, in my life as an involved Gresham resident, I hear a lot of “Gresham isn’t what it once was” and “this community is going downhill” on Internet boards and casual conversations. And let’s be real, our city has faced some challenges in the last few years. But you know what? There are some great things, too.

I always tell people that if they get involved in the schools, the nonprofits organization, the business community, sports clubs, churches, neighborhood associations — any of these ways that Gresham residents and leaders connect — their perception of Gresham will change. You cannot be actively working with others to improve our city and not see some of the exciting and positive undercurrent that is building.

“We the people” have a chance to shape Gresham into a great place for all, and it is happening right in front of our eyes.

The leaders in this city are working hard to propel Gresham into its next stage of life as a great place to live. We the people need to do our part by investing in our community.

That’s why I am voting Yes on Measure 26-188 to build a community center/aquatic center in Gresham.

Brianna Bigham


Monnes Anderson is great for women

I am very impressed with the work that Laurie Monnes Anderson has done on behalf of women while serving in the Oregon Senate. Laurie voted for paid sick leave, so that moms can stay home when they or their kids are sick.

She supported a new rule that makes it easier for women to know if they’re getting paid equally for equal work. And, she made sure that women can have access to a full year of birth control rather than having to refill their prescription every few months. Laurie is a champion for women and I can’t wait to vote for her this November.

Monica Ford