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Decision 2016: Not exactly Jefferson vs. Adams

PMG FILE PHOTO - Not Pictured: An inspiring choice for president.The day after Independence Day, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey told the world that, after an extensive investigation, the bureau had determined that no charges should be levied against Hillary Clinton regarding her email handling while secretary of state.

Finally, a decision. Now, we can all move on to substantive issues.

Yeah, right.

Before the information had hit full speed on the Internet superhighway, the tweet-master in chief, Donald Trump, had hit “send” on his latest standard response: “The system is rigged.” We guess he’s moved from “she’s crooked” to “it’s rigged.”

As for Hillary, apparently she’s going to campaign with the president for the next few days. Probably a good move. Of the three — the current president and the two running to be the next one — Obama is the only one with approval ratings above 50 percent. (Obama, the popular one … who would have thunk it?) Maybe she should seek some cover under Obama’s wing as the email issue cools.

That might have been easier to achieve had not her husband decided to pay a personal visit to the attorney general a couple of weeks ago, when both were waiting at an airport in Arizona. They say it was just a friendly visit and the email investigation wasn’t discussed.

Maybe, probably, but the fervor over it gave Hillary haters red meat, prompted AG Loretta Lynch to essentially recuse herself from a final Justice Department determination on if charges should be filed — and prompted Trump to tweet “It’s rigged.”

Maybe he’s right, from the president to the postman, it’s all rigged. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t the Trump campaign consider someone other than an egotistical, pampered billionaire to present that message.

Trust and likability. It is always nice to be able to trust and like your president. At this point, neither Trump nor Clinton seem anywhere near capable of earning either.

But certainly the national conventions will change our perspectives. Yeah, right.

Celebrities and family members are reportedly the only speakers who want anything to do with the Trump convention (July 18-21 in Cleveland). Just like his old “Apprentice” TV show, the only reason we’ll be watching is we know someone is going to get embarrassed. Maybe he’ll introduce Newt Gringrich as his VP candidate.

The Dems have already started tossing out that, between them, Trump and Newt have six wives. Remember when the GOP was the “family values” party?

Aside from giving Bernie Sanders a night at her convention (a no-brainer if she wants to lure in the large bulk of the energetic left), we’re not sure who the Democrats will have to engage the nation during Hillary’s convention. (July 25-28 in Philadelphia). Maybe FBI Director Comey can take the podium and restate why the bureau contends no charges should be filed regarding “Emailgate.”

He said this July 5: “Opinions are irrelevant … We did our investigation the right way. Only facts matter and the FBI found them here in an entirely apolitical and professional way.” Nuff said. Yeah, right.

In politics, opinions definitely matter and the biggest problem in this presidential race is that far too many Americans are of the opinion that we don’t want either one as president. It would be great to believe that a convention could change that, or the debates, or that one of these candidates could elevate himself or herself to the masses without the other merely falling further down.

But we all know this is going to be a race to see whose negatives are most palatable. The best thing Donald Trump has going for his candidacy is that he’s running against Hillary Clinton; the best thing Hillary Clinton has going for her is that her opponent is Donald Trump.

Decision 2016: Not exactly like choosing between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.