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Letter: Let's make Troutdale the best place to live, work, play

Published Aug. 26, 2016 -

COURTESY PHOTO - Casey RyanMore than a decade ago, I made Troutdale my permanent home, and more recently I have confirmed that choice with my new blended family. I have always believed that we are a hidden gem. That we have far greater potential than is obvious from the surface, and I want to continue helping Troutdale shine in a new role. I am running for mayor of Troutdale.

My kids and I spent many hours at the Imagination Station as they have been growing up in our community. My son plays baseball there and my daughter enjoys soccer on the nearby fields. Sarah and I want all four of our kids to continue enjoying this amazing place.

So you can imagine how our kids felt (along with our entire community) when the play structure was damaged by arson. Like so many in our town, I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work rebuilding it precisely as it was, so that no Troutdale children had to wait to enjoy it.

As your mayor, I am committed to rebuilding Imagination Station right away. I know that our community will continue supporting this structure that was built with volunteers and donated materials. It is uniquely our play structure, and I want it to continue to be so.

I recently read a newspaper article describing the industrial property near the Troutdale Airport and the Port of Portland’s plans for job creation. These stable, family wage jobs are exactly what we need in order to secure the long-term stability of our town. I know how important it is for our local organizations to have parents close-by, who can get home from work more quickly. From Little League to Girl Scouts, when people in our town are close by, our organizations are stronger. I am committed to helping create these jobs in our town.

Lastly, I want everyone in our town treated with respect, fairness and dignity. As your mayor, my focus will be on the positive. There is so much to be proud of in Troutdale and so many things that we can accomplish to make it even better. I simply have no time for negativity or distractions, so my focus is always going to be on the issues at hand and making sure we continue making Troutdale the best place to live, work and play.

Casey Ryan