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Damascus Christian also does well in soccer and volleyball, notes Principal Davidson. Add a comment

Following retailers' lead, and limiting gun sales to those 21 and older, is a start. Add a comment

Because this is 2018 - an even-numbered year - the Legislature is supposed to eschew complicated legislation in favor of making mid-biennium budget adjustments and addressing any urgent matters arising between the two longer sessions in 2017 and 2019. Add a comment

More Comments: OSU study: Snowpack declines across the West, Gresham's business past comes alive. Add a comment

TriMet's ridership is in a steady decline. It peaked in fiscal 2012 and ridership has dropped in each of the past three years. Only 2.4 percent of total travel in the Portland region takes place on transit, making it irrelevant or even a nuisance to most taxpayers. Add a comment

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