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If you're going to bash candidates, then do it equally

Published Aug. 30, 2016 -

FILE PHOTO - GOP presidential candidate Donald TrumpI was deeply disappointed with the Outlook’s headline article on Tuesday, Aug. 23 (“Bemis gives Trump a thumbs down.”) It was clear from the headline alone that The Outlook is biased against Donald Trump.

Editorial cartoons on Aug. 16 and 19 present Trump as a buffoon. I have seen little or no mention of the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton, either for or against her. We all appreciate clever editorial caricatures of the candidates, but they should poke fun at both candidates equally, leaving the opinions to the readers.

Your responsibility as a newspaper is to inform and educate readers, not to sway them for or against a particular candidate or measure. If the person or measure is the best choice, it should be evident and speak for itself when presented without bias. What the public needs to hear is where candidates stand on issues, and what their perspective is so we can make informed decisions on how to vote.

The Outlook has both the opportunity and responsibility to present information honestly, accurately, and without bias.

Trust your readers to make their own decisions, and encourage them to participate in the great privilege and responsibility we have in this country to vote.

Candy Suva