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Letter: Nothing has been decided on Imagination Station rebuild

Published Aug. 26, 2016 -

COURTESY PHOTO - Glenn White is a Troutdale city councilor running for reelection this year.Twenty-six years ago, my wife and kids ages 5 and 6 moved to Troutdale.

Many of our fond memories are at the Imagination Station. So much care, history, community participation and fun recreation make this place so special.

The parks committee, city staff and council, with your input, have been working hard to look at the budget, safety, design and life span of a new play station.

Also a few factors of those being concidered are longevity, asthetics, warrenties, and safety of materials. ADA accesability, welcoming to special needs children, multisensory environments, maintenance expenses, insurance coverage provided by play structure companies, cost to rebuild, adult to child site lines, quanity of play stations, diversity in age appropriatness, community paticipation in the rebuild...

The insurance only covers a portion of the loss/replacement of the structure that the experts have said has met its usefullness.

Many of us will continue to be part of an important process. The city has had two council meetings. The parks committe was given the accepted task of evaluating the options and making recommendations. Wanting to include the public and hear their input, they held two town halls at the Sam Cox building for information sharing and gathering including the opportunity to speak to different play structure companies.

The only decisions made by council so far is to accept the recommendation of replacing the entire structure and to open up the bidding process with all materials on the table for consideration.

There will still be opportunies for all to contribute to this important decision and I look foward to hearing from you.

We are a great community and I will do my best to help contribute to a safe, affordable, fun-for-all, beautiful park for our kids’ future.

Glenn White