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LETTER: Reynolds backs natural resources, schools, equal pay

Published Sept. 30, 2016 -

COURTESY PHOTO - Mark ReynoldsI am urging residents in House District 52 to vote for Mark Reynolds. Mark Reynolds was raised in the Columbia Gorge on his family’s farm.

As a teacher at Hood River Valley High School and Cascade Locks High School, Reynolds has dedicated his career to expanding access to opportunity for students in our community. Reynolds knows firsthand why it is so important to invest in our education system, support healthcare, protect our natural resources, ensure that family wage jobs and equal pay for equal work are available to all.

The incumbent’s questionable voting record on woman’s healthcare, environmental issues and support for corporations is evident as is the financial support he has enjoyed from the same.

We deserves representation that will make sure our education system is adequately funded. The incumbent voted against HB 5017 and HB 5010, which would have increased our overall resources for education and early education. Mark Reynolds understands that corporations must pay their fair share. Piecemeal approaches to funding education through specific bills aimed at only parts of our system will ultimately not reduce class sizes and raise graduation rates.

The majority of Hood River County voters in the last two elections did not vote for the incumbent. This time we have a candidate who will support our kids, protect our environment, help ensure that corporations pay their fair share.

I am hoping that this time we will not see our majority vote get taken away and that voters in Clackamas and Multnomah counties — who with some of our own residents have supported the incumbent in the past — will turn their support to Mark Reynolds.

Check out Mark Reynolds For Oregon website — www.reynoldsfororegon.com/endorsements — and see the impressive list of organizations and community leaders endorsing his candidacy. It is time for a change. Please vote for Mark Reynolds, House District 52.

Sharon Guidera