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LETTERS: Opponents spread misinformation about candidate for mayor

Citizen's View: Casey Ryan -

FILE PHOTO - Casey RyanI became aware over the weekend of an attack piece from my opponent and his “slate,” making several utterly false assertions about my previous involvements and my financial backing.

Most importantly, it is completely false to suggest that I have never been to a city council meeting. The truth is I have presented to the council as a member of various nonprofit entities. I have, up until now, focused my public service on nonprofit boards working to better our community rather than government. In that role, volunteering with nonprofits, I have been to Troutdale City Council meetings, as well as meetings before other local governments.

Second, my fundraising efforts are transparent and reported to the public, unlike my opponent who hasn’t reported who is funding his campaign. Every donor to my campaign is a person or company who I have known personally for many years.

They are my friends I have met working in our community and with groups like My Father’s House and East Metro Economic Alliance. They are my family members, friends from college and here in East County. I am blessed and grateful to have them supporting me because I could not pay out of pocket for a campaign.

Finally, I am proud to have support from people and groups from all over East County. These are people I have worked alongside in various roles, from parent to volunteer to board member to business associate. They know me and what I am capable of, and they are all supporting me.

My opponent has served as a city councilor for six years working near many of the same people, yet he cannot garner their support. That should tell Troutdale voters all that they need to know.

Casey Ryan


Editor’s note: Casey Ryan is a candidate for mayor of Troutdale.

Re-elect Glenn White for Troutdale Council

Being a business and property owner in Troutdale, and having been to more council meetings than than Casey Ryan (mayoral candidate) and Randy Lauer (council candidate) combined in an attempt to stay informed, I have witnessed Glenn White consistently bind himself to decisions that represent Troutdale and its citizens in short- and long-term benefits.

Troutdale residents have consistently seen through the desperate attacks that have plagued those acting responsibly on council. This election will be no exception, we need Glenn’s expertise, professionalism and representation to continue.

Eugenia Terzis