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Letter: A parent's plea for change at Barlow High School

Published Sept. 13, 2016 -

FILE PHOTO - Students graduate from Sam Barlow High School in 2015.As a parent of a student/athlete I am passionate about my child’s education as well as her athletic career. My daughter is a 4.0 freshman enrolled in advanced classes at Sam Barlow High School.

Everything I’ve read online and in The Outlook has led me to believe the Gresham-Barlow School District takes pride in developing and producing well-rounded students.

Unfortunately, I’m being forced to believe otherwise because of the unwillingness of the administration to take the smallest steps to assist with her success.

The week before school was to start, I noticed there was an issue with my daughter’s schedule. As instructed, I sent an email to her counselor to request a change, which was denied. The issue is not with the class or instructor, it is that she has geometry as her last class of the day.

Typically, this schedule would be fine, but with the athletic schedule for away games requiring a release time between 1:30-2 p.m., this will prevent my daughter from attending last period at least once or twice a week.

My request to the counselor as well as the vice principal was merely for a minor switch in her class schedule for educational purposes. The vice principal’s response was it is a student’s choice to participate in extracurricular activities, therefore, Barlow will not take steps to accommodate a class change to enable my daughter to attend every geometry class where class participation is key. However, within the next paragraph the vice principal states, “I would also like to assure you that our teachers understand why students miss class, and are always willing to work with students to help them stay caught up.”

If administration at Barlow is unable to recognize the importance of extracurricular activities, how can I be assured the educators will go against the message currently being conveyed by their own administration?

Sharon Butler