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Integrated Media students to display talents at two events this week


A couple years ago, Jordenn Luff and her mother, Becki Luff, attended an information session about the Integrated Media, or IM, program at Mt. Hood Community College.

Jordenn, a 2010 Sandy High School graduate, decided she wanted to enroll in the program to study graphic design.

Meanwhile, her mother, who had accompanied her to the session, found herself wanting to go to college as well, to study photography. A burgeoning wedding photographer, she wanted to polish her skills. But she made sure her daughter was OK with her mother going to school with her.

'Would that be weird?' she recalls asking Jordenn.

'It just didn't seem weird at the time,' Jordenn adds with a laugh.

So the mother-daughter team both enrolled at Mt. Hood and will be among the IM graduates this week who will share what they've created with the general public at two events.

They took a little ribbing at first from their fellow students, but eventually settled into the school together and even collaborated on some projects. Both students did well, each garnering a 4.0 grade point average.

Jordenn, 20, plans to study graphic design at Portland State University next fall, and her mother, 43, wants to become a self-employed photographer, specializing in taking pictures of infants. The mother of four loves babies, she adds.

'I love every stage of their development,' she says.

Meanwhile, Jordenn says she would 'love to work in an agency just doing a lot of print work.'

However, they won't attend school together anymore.

'You're going to have to do this on your own,' Becki says to Jordenn as they both laugh.

Two shows

Fans of broadcasting, graphic design, photography and video will be able to take in a host of innovative efforts by 53 IM graduates like the Luffs at the IM shows, both of which are free.

First off is 'UNWRAPPED #IM2012,' which takes place from 5:30-9 p.m. Wednesday, June 13, in the EcoTrust Building, 721 N.W. Ninth Ave., Portland.

The show will highlight the portfolios of this year's graduates, who will be on hand to talk about their work and offer visitors information on how to link to their websites.

Show highlights include 'Success Stories,' an iPad app developed by a team of 15 students that features dozens of interviews and biographies from past Integrated Media graduates. The Luffs were among the students who worked on the project.

Visitors will also be able to preview some of the films featured in the following night's 11th Annual First Cut Digital Film Festival, which starts at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 14, in the Visual Arts Theatre on Mt. Hood's Gresham campus, 26000 S.E. Stark St.

Parking is free during the festival.

Christina Maier, who oversees Mt. Hood's IM program, says it was created in 2007 to meet a growing demand in the market.

'Employers want people who can do everything,' she says. 'So our graduates can take pictures, lay out a page, edit some video and include sound to tell a story. They can work successfully and collaboratively in teams.'

About Integrated Media

Mt. Hood's Integrated Media program is the only one of its kind in Oregon.

The goal is to teach students the art of digital media by providing a solid foundation in the disciplines of graphic design, photography, broadcasting and video.

The broadcasting curriculum immerses students in the radio production experience. Utilizing professional recording and production equipment, broadcasting students learn to produce audio projects, news-style features and other projects.

Graphic design students learn about composition, color, typography and concept development and work on two- and three-dimensional projects such as posters, packaging, magazine layouts and logo designs. The curriculum covers the basics of graphic design with an equal focus in print design and web design.

Photography students explore contemporary photographic applications of digital technology; black-and-white, color and alternative processes; Photoshop and finishing techniques; studio and location lighting; as well as studio and business practices.

Finally, video students learn about narrative and documentary digital filmmaking by balancing theory with hands-on production classes.

A sequence of team-based production classes fosters collaboration with other IM students from the three other disciplines to help video students explore narrative, documentary, commercial, industrial, and music video formats.

To learn more about Mt. Hood's IM program, visit its Facebook page at 'UNWRAPPED #IM2012 Portfolio Show'; follow on Twitter #IM2012; or visit mhccim.com.

For more information about Mt. Hood, visit mhcc.edu.