by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - William Miller is the new student government president at Mt. Hood Community College and hopes to lead the nation someday.William Miller, a second year political science student at Mt. Hood Community College, is the first member of his family to graduate high school and now is the president of the college’s associated student government.

He also hopes to be president of all of us someday.

Following graduation from Mt. Hood next June, Miller plans to earn his bachelor’s degree in public administration or political science, and then get a law degree. After graduate school, he plans to run for political office at the state level, and then turn his attention to his ultimate goal: the U.S. presidency.

“I’ve wanted to be president since I was 11 years old,” Miller says. “Before my aunt passed away a few years ago she was my personal political adviser. We’d watch CNN together and she’d quiz me on current events.”

First off, of course, he needs to preside at Mt. Hood.

“I am very passionate about MHCC,” Miller says. “I knew running for president would be challenging, but I wanted the opportunity to support the student community — all 32,000 of us.”

The youngest boy in a family of seven, Miller has had to deal with losing several family members, including his father in 2006 and older brother in 2007, and is close to his remaining siblings.

“I value my family,” he says. “We are a strong foundation for each other.”

Faced with one tragedy after another, Miller struggled severely his first year of high school to the point of nearly flunking out. By his sophomore year, he realized where he needed to make a change. He became involved in the student council at Reynolds Learning Academy. Within a few months he went from a struggling high school student, with no intention of graduating, to serving as a student representative to the Reynolds School Board.

He says the most rewarding moment of his high school career occurred in 2010 when he walked proudly across the stage to receive his diploma. When times get tough, he pulls down his diploma and reminisces about all he has accomplished.

Miller enrolled at Mt. Hood in September 2010.

“I chose MHCC because I wanted to stay near my family and because financially, this was the college I could afford,” Miller says. “My experience here has been amazing. The instructors are quick to help and have played a large part in my success.”

Miller and Antonio Guerrero, new Associated Student Government vice president, say they have big plans for the upcoming academic year.

“We need to find a way to balance the pockets of students and make sure those who really want to come to college have the opportunity to do so,” says Miller.

In addition, the two leaders plan to work with the college’s public safety department to install lighting and security cameras in the parking lots.

Miller advises his fellow students to never give up.

“Don’t let opposition and adversity get you down because when you get back up and brush your shoulders off, you show those who thought differently that you are strong enough to move forward,” he says. “Shoot for the moon — if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

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