An avid fan of horror and mystery with a passion for writing, Gresham resident Stanley Brzycki has published his own collection of horror stories after being inspired by a challenge from a master of the genre, Stephen King.

After reading about a writing experiment from King's book 'On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft,' Brzycki drafted his own short story and submitted his piece to King's website. By this time, the site had closed down because of the number of entries. However, Brzycki's effort had not gone to waste as he set out to finish what he started.

Brzycki says his book, 'Exodus Into Exile: A Collection of Short Horror Stories,' sends shivers from head to toe. While he takes familiar legends to reach new levels of terror, Brzycki's original stories strive to create a biting suspense.

'Exodus Into Evil' is available on

An Oregon native, Brzycki uses his surroundings as setting for many of his stories. Brzycki attended Oregon State University and upon graduation he started at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. After 30 years, he retired and began work on 'Exodus into Evil.' He is working on two more novels.

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