1982: Main Avenue icon closes
by: File photo Miller Kidder Hardware store on Gresham’s Main Avenue closed its doors 30 years ago.

1912 - It was a real estate paradise in Pleasant Home 100 years ago as 400 people traveled out to the rural community on an excursion train on the new Dodge Park line to look at land for sale. Forty excursionists bought tracts of land that very day.

'Words of praise were in every mouth,' reported the Pleasant Home correspondent. 'The country was beyond their expectations. Many had never seen such beautiful scenery and such fine rural prospects before.'

1922 - A Gresham hen laid two eggs at one time 90 years ago, a feat worth a short story on the front page of The Outlook. One egg was inside the other, but covered by a complete shell, reported Mrs. C.F. Kellum. The outer egg was 'scrambled' she said, leaving The Outlook to note that if the hen could arrange to cook the egg, it would be a 'complete package.'

1932 - N.B. Welsh of Fairview recently purchased a speed boat known as Miss Portland II to be used by his patrons at Blue Lake, The Outlook reported 80 years ago. The boat was capable of 42 miles per hour and had won several races on the Willamette River the previous year. It could be used, if desired, to pull surf boards. Welsh was the proprietor of the Blue Lake Boat House.

1942 - Two Boring Japanese Americans, Shig and Henry Negate, were lodged in jail 70 years ago for being out after a wartime curfew set for Japanese Americans. Military regulations required 'enemy aliens and Japanese' to be at home after 8 p.m. Minoru Yasui, a Japanese American attorney, had already challenged the curfew law and would make history with his case.

1952 - 'Most cheerful news of the last week,' wrote The Outlook editor 60 years ago, 'was the announcement that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower is coming home in June having asked to be relieved from active duty.

'The announcement brought cheer to millions of citizens who are avid boosters for the general as the next president of the United States,' the editor commented.

1962 - Troutdale's new post office, now the Buxton Avenue conference building for the city of Troutdale, was dedicated 50 years ago. Though it had opened the previous October, the party for the new post office was held in April. The new structure was part of President John F. Kennedy's project to stimulate the U.S. economy. Mayor Vernon Rathman, who died recently, officiated along with Congresswoman Edith Green.

1972 - Gresham residents were hoping 40 years ago that a new alignment of the Mount Hood freeway would steer away from the famed Hogan Cedars on Johnson Creek. They were safe on all counts. The freeway was never built.

1982 - Miller Kidder Hardware store, a permanent fixture on Gresham's Main Avenue for 71 years, closed its doors 30 years ago (see photo). Roger Kidder bought two fishing poles, one for himself and one for his wife, and closed the doors after 36 years in the old store with its rolling ladders and bins of nuts and bolts stacked to the ceiling.

1992 - Corbett students led a march and sit-in 20 years ago protesting lack of progress in teacher contract negotiations. Corbett teachers had been working without a contract for more than a year. And another group of young people lined up at G.I. Joe's in Gresham to get tickets for a performance by Garth Brooks, then the No. 2 country singer in the nation.

2002 - The Gresham-Barlow School district board approved artificial turf for the Gresham high football field 10 years ago. Fairview's population was up 7 percent, topping 8,000 people.

2011 - At this time last year the faculty union and the Mt. Hood Community College were still deadlocked. The FedEx facility at Troutdale won a national Phoenix Award for its transformation from the old Reynolds Metals plant to a FedEx ground distribution center.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files. Reporter Sharon Nesbit can be reached by calling 503-492-5120 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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