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Summerfield leaves his mark

by: David Ball, Barlow senior quarterback Campbell Summerfield was named Offensive Player of the Year during the football season, and also took part on the Bruins basketball and baseball teams. He has signed to play football at Eastern Oregon University.

Ask any of his coaches for a description of Barlow senior Campbell Summerfield, and one word comes out before any other - poise.

That is exactly what was on display in the third game of his senior football campaign when Clackamas booted a late field goal to take a 37-35 lead with 0:32 on the clock. Barlow coach Terry Summerfield, Campbell's dad, had only a few moments to come up with a plan.

'Usually in that situation you're going to need to take a timeout and get things settled down,' Summerfield said. 'I'm getting information from our coaches up in the box, the offense is going out onto the field and I'm yelling out a play to Campbell. He turns, says 'I got it' and shows me an okay sign.'

Campbell completed back-to-back passes, both ending out of bounds to stop the clock, sending the Bruins past midfield and bringing the Clackamas crowd to the edge of their seat.

Still, the Bruins needed points, and they needed them quick.

Campbell used just one more play.

Snagging a low snap out of the shotgun, he rolled to his left and fired the ball down the sideline in the direction of senior receiver Derek Saling.

'Everybody's watching the ball, and what they don't see is Campbell getting drilled right under the chin strap as he gets the pass off,' Summerfield said.

'I heard the crowd, but I wasn't sure if that was good or bad, until I looked up and saw Derek in the end zone,' Campbell said. 'Then I got up and started running down the field.'

The 43-yard scoring strike brought the Bruins the remarkable 42-37 win.

He showcased that same kind of poise throughout the season, completing 60 percent of his throws for more than 200 yards per game. Even more impressive Campbell finished with 18 TDs and only two interceptions.

'Sports can be very humbling, and you learn a lot by the way people carry themselves,' Campbell said. 'You want to be someone who your teammates can rely on. As a quarterback people are always looking to you. The biggest thing I learned is if you make a mistake, you have to flush it. You can't afford to be down in the dumps.'

Campbell prepared for his senior season with a whirlwind tour of football camps, making visits to Montana, Utah and California during a two-week stretch in July.

'It's an experience I'll never forget,' Campbell said. 'There were talented kids all around at those camps, and I got a chance to see where I stood. I was happy with the way I competed.'

Campbell has signed to play football at Eastern Oregon University.

'I can't wait to go away and see what I can do in a new situation with a new crowd,' he said.

Campbell also contributed to the basketball team, which tied for second in league and qualified for the 6A state playoffs and he went 3-1 with a 1.58 ERA on the mound for the Bruins baseball team in the spring.

'He understands the whole gamut of what's going on around him,' Barlow baseball coach Craig Webster says. 'He has that poise.'

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