R.J. Turner showed up Saturday morning with a surprise for his son Christian when the two met for a moment in a family area outside “The Grove” — the secluded dorms that house the teams.

R.J. delivered some snacks and told Christian to wait a moment because he had one more little surprise. He dug around in his tote bag for a few seconds then stepped back and in walked mom Angie arms open wide.

“He had to do a double take before he realized it was really her,” R.J. said. “He gave her some big hugs — it was really precious.”

“He wouldn’t let go — it was good,” Angie said.

She was the last of the parents to arrive, and getting to Williamsport was no easy trek.

Angie has been on a mission trip with the Open Door Baptist youth group for the past several weeks, performing skits in the public schools on the coast of Brazil. That meant missing the Gresham’s title run at Regionals, settling instead for friends texting her images from their TV screens.

Making the World Series was another matter. She left the missions group a day early (missing a sight-seeing day) and flew into Newark, NJ.

“I was torn. The ministry was really important to me, but this World Series is a once in a lifetime thing — I couldn’t miss it,” Angie said.

R.J. had arrived in time for Gresham’s opening game Friday night and was sending texts to Angie.

“We had a flight delay, so I got updates for the first two innings when it was still 0-0, then we were in flight and I didn’t know what was happening,” Angie said. “I didn’t find out the score until the minute we landed. I looked down and was bummer.”

Gresham lost its opener 4-0 to New Castle.

And still Angie sat in another state with no rental car.

Instead, R.J. hopped into his rental car shortly after midnight, driving from Williamsport to pick up his wife and return in time to catch Christian after the next day’s morning practice.

“I was still excited after the game and wasn’t going to sleep for awhile anyway,” R.J. said. “I’ve never been around this area, so I figured it was adventure time.”

The couple got back in plenty of time, and had plenty to cheer about during Saturday’s game. Christian connected for a double in his first at-bat, and made a diving catch in right field that put him on SportsCenter later that night.

“It was great to watch — he played his best game ever,” Angie said.

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