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Its time to bring Grant High into the Mount Hood Conference


The Mount Hood Conference football schedule looks a little off this week with David Douglas and Centennial each playing nonleague games in the middle of the league’s playoff chase. Portland schools Lincoln and Grant, who play, in effect, a nonleague set of games throughout the season caused the hiccup in the schedule.

When the OSAA went to a six-classification format in 2006, most of the PIL dropped to the 5A level, while Grant and Lincoln were stayed among the big schools.

The problem was, they had no league to join.

That leaves the two schools as the only members of Special District 2 — basically meaning their league schedule consists of a one-game showdown against each other.

It would make much more sense to incorporate each of those schools into existing leagues. The natural choice would have Lincoln joining the collection of west side schools in the Metro League, while Grant would move into the east side Mount Hood Conference.

That would leave each league with seven schools for boys sports and a healthy six-game league schedule.

It’s a win-win all around with Grant and Lincoln able to develop those special rivalries that come with big-game league showdowns, while the Metro and Mount Hood would be bringing in schools with solid athletic traditions.