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New rule installs pitch count

PAMPLIN MEDIA: JOHN LARIVIERE - Gresham Highs Cody Becker fires a throw to the plate. Newly adopted pitch-count rules, similar to what Little League employs, are aimed at player safety. High school baseball rules next year will require a pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown in a game.

The Oregon School Activities established pitching limits a year ago. Those limits were voluntary during the past season, but will be mandatory next spring.

Under Oregon’s new high school rules, a pitcher cannot throw more than 110 pitches in a day, except he can complete pitching to a batter if he reaches the 110th pitch during a particular batter’s at bat.

Additional restrictions under Oregon’s new regulations include: 26-45 pitches in a game requires one day of rest before the next pitching appearance; 46-60 pitches requires two days rest; 61-85 pitches requires three days rest; over 85 pitches requires four days rest — similar to the stepladder format long used by Little League.

Look for expanded coverage in our Friday, Aug. 12, print edition.