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Edmondson sends Barlow boys to victory at the buzzer

THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Barlow Highs Dominik Copper lets loose with a layup attempt.

Mount Hood Conference

Team Score
Oregon City

OREGON CITY — Barlow High's Tyler Edmondson knew time was short. The ball left his hand. The horn sounded. The whoosh of the net. The home crowd stunned — silent.

The Bruins walked off the court with a 51-50 win Friday night.

Trailing by one, Barlow inbounded from its own baseline, whipping the ball halfway around the arc to Dominik Copper, who dribbled down the lane, attracting a crowd of white shirts before sending a floater toward the basket. The attempt hit the glass and came off the front of the rim.

The ball bounced out to the side where Edmondson was left all alone. He came down with the rebound and went back up like he was riding a pogo stick, releasing the shot early to beat the buzzer by a nanosecond.

“I knew time was short, I just wanted to put it back up as quick as I could,” Edmondson said.

The attempt spun toward the hoop in what seemed slow motion, trickling perfectly through the center of the hoop for the winning points.

The official under the basket immediately flicked her finger, signaling the basket counted.

Both teams came off the bench. Barlow jumping around celebrating. Oregon City in a daze.

The officials conferred for a brief moment and signaled a good basket to the scorer's table.

Game over.

The league takes Tuesday night off, so the Bruins (9-7) will return to action at home at 6 p.m. Friday against Reynolds (4-11).

THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Tyler Edmondson scored the winning bucket at the horn to lift Barlow past Oregon City 51-50.

View photos from the game at daveball.exposuremanager.com.

Look for expanded coverage in our Tuesday, Jan. 26, print edition.