All the world's a stage, including Troutdale park for youthful actors

All the world's a stage, including Troutdale park for youthful actors

Black Swan Youth Theatre presents 'As You Like It' Aug. 3-6 Jessica Messmann says Rosalind in...

Troutdale welcomes home singer-songwriter

Troutdale welcomes home singer-songwriter

Katelyn Convery to perform mostly original set at SummerFest July 23 This Saturday’s...

Barlow actors emerge 'Stronger' from national competition

Barlow actors emerge 'Stronger' from national competition

International Thespian Society awards first place to young actors If you’re a student or...

Artists, Scots to converge HERE this weekend

Artists, Scots to converge HERE this weekend

Gresham Arts Festival, Highland Games on tap Our area will be graced with two major festivals...

Edgefield goes gaga for Goo Goo Dolls

Edgefield goes gaga for Goo Goo Dolls

Pop rockers share bill with Collective Soul Bassist Robby Takac of the anthemic pop rock band...

Corbett, Estacada and Portland all offer fun for the Fourth

Corbett, Estacada and Portland all offer fun for the Fourth

Festivals feature music, food, fireworks this weekend Looking for something to do this Fourth of...

Park Place hosts Dynamic Duo

Park Place hosts Dynamic Duo

Clayton & Ernie take stage June 24, with The Neighbors, Grodie Bros. Simon & Garfunkel, Seals &...

Latest Mt. Hood Pops concert to feature youth soloist winners

Latest Mt. Hood Pops concert to feature youth soloist winners

Singer, violinist to showcase pieces Sunday, May 15, at college Eden Strang’s arrival in...

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Brought to you by Deb-ee Jones - Bridge City Medical Aesthetics - AESTHETIC INSIDER -

BRIDGE CITY MEDICAL AESTHETICS - Deb-ee Jones, RNAre you red with embarrassment from your rosacea or from visible vessels on your face and nose? Rosacea is a genetic disorder that primarily affects the face, and can cause flushing, persistent redness, rough skin texture, even visible facial veins. A similar skin condition, poikiloderma of civatte, affects the skin on the sides of the neck, causing thinned skin, increased pigmentation, and visible blood vessels.

Conditions such as rosacea and poikiloderma can be difficult to live with, putting your disease on display for the whole world to see, and your self-esteem can take a bit of a blow. If you are tired of trying to hide your rosacea, Bridge City Medical Aesthetic offers a number of treatment remedies.

Our remarkable Xeo laser platform from Cutera combines three different modalities

in one to treat conditions such as rosacea, poikiloderma and even sun damage. The Excel Nd:YAG laser emits light at a 1064 nanometers (nm) wavelength, allowing us the precision necessary to selectively treat visible veins without damaging the surrounding skin. The Laser Genesis procedure, which rejuvenates skin, evens out skin texture, and reduces redness, is also performed using the Nd:YAG laser.

The third component is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. This application uses the whole visible light spectrum, 520 to 1200 nm, to selectively target sun damage, visible vessels, and the flushing of the face and neck associated with rosacea.

Don’t let rosacea color your decisions and rule your life, schedule an appointment with Bridge City Medical Aesthetic!

Bridge City Medical Aesthetics

1410 NE 106th Ave, Portland, OR 97220

(971) 777-0303

Brought to you by Cindy Passannante - C.P. Trips - TRAVEL INSIDER -

C.P. TRIPS - Cindy PassannanteSummer’s a time for warm weather adventures. It’s a time for chasing after the ice cream man as his truck plays that same song it did when you were younger. And, if you’re a smart traveler, it’s a time for tinsel, toys, and ugly sweaters. That’s right, summer means it’s Christmas in July when it comes to travel deals.

During the summer, many tour operators and other travel companies will offer deeply discounted holidayseason vacation packages to places all around the world. Travelers in search of a warm getaway can find great summer deals on winter vacations to Mexico, including cruises! For example, Princess Cruises offers cruises in the Mexican Riviera ranging from a few days to over a week roundtrip. Leaving from ports in either Los Angeles or San Francisco, and making stops in popular locations like Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, these cruises are wonderful for all age groups.

If the snow is definitely more of your thing, then a tour of Old World Europe is the ultimate can’t-miss experience. Maupin Tours offers a tour of the traditional Christmas markets of Austria and Germany. Spread out over nine days, you’ll be taken through the markets of Vienna and Salzburg as well as a private tour of Nuremberg.

There is a vast selection of vacation packages from which to choose, and whether you are looking for a warm, sunny escape or for that perfect white Christmas, CP Trips can help you book your dream Christmas vacation.

C.P. Trips

Damascus, OR 97089

(503) 658-5646

Brought to you by Marie Nicholson - Cherry Park Plaza - SENIOR LIVING INSIDER -

CHERRY PARK PLAZA - Marie Nicholson Imagine a warm summer night that’s only just cooled off as the sun slowly fades into the abyss. A crowd has gathered in the plaza to enjoy a night of jazz music and free gelato. Couples stand up and dance, while others simply tap their toes along to the beat, and you can almost feel the joviality bouncing off the air.

For some, that reads like a work of fiction. But at Cherry Park Plaza, that’s the reality we strive to create for our residents. We pride ourselves on the welcoming nature of our community, along with the well-established, genuine connection between our residents and our employees.

From our Resident Ambassadors, who welcome in each new resident and help them acclimate as quickly as possible, to the easy, friendly-going bus driver who can just squeeze you on his schedule for your last-second doctor’s appointment, our residents and employees have real, valuable, and meaningful relationships with each other.

New residents at Cherry Park Plaza are amazed at the well-established camaraderie within our community. For us, however, it’s just another way we help you to live life well. Because, ultimately, it’s your relationships that make life matter, and we make sure you have some great ones.

If you’re interested in living life well, give us a call or come visit Cherry Park Plaza today, and be sure to stop in on August 31st for our next musical performance date.

Cherry Park Plaza

(503) 491-1661

1323 SW Cherry Park Rd, Troutdale, OR 97060

Brought to you by Randy Preston - Honke Heating - HEATING AND COOLING INSIDER -

HONKE HEATING - Randy PrestonIf you’re looking for a new way to heat and cool your home, you’ll want to look into ductless heat pump systems. A ductless heat pump can both heat and cool your home, leading to many advantages:

• Up to 8 indoor units (zones) can be connected to 1 outdoor unit.

• Because there is no ductwork, ductless systems can be more efficient than a typical heat pump. Customers can save up to 30-40 percent on their utility bills because heating and cooling is not being lost through faulty ductwork. Additionally, each room’s temperature can be set individually, saving you energy and money by not heating or cooling rooms that are not being used.

• Since ductless heat pumps do not need duct work, they are perfect for homes without duct work (saving you the installation of ductwork). They can also be used in home additions and homes with leaky or damaged ductwork.

• Not having ductwork allows for better indoor air quality because air is not traveling through dusty and dirty ductwork. Ductless heat pumps provide a healthier environment for you and your family to breathe.

• Many manufacturers, distributers and utility companies offer numerous incentives for purchasing a ductless heat pump system.

Proper installation is key to your system’s performance. At Honke Heating & Air Conditioning, our employees have gone through extensive training for installation of ductless heat pump systems. Call Honke Heating & Air Conditioning today for information on a ductless system.

Honke Heating & Air Conditioning

840 NE Cleveland Ave, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 666-3725

Brought to you by Rob Cook - Nancy's Floral - FLOWER INSIDER

NANCY'S FLORAL - Rob CookFor many people, Roses are their favorite flower. They communicate appreciation and celebrate life’s special moments with a graceful, timeless beauty. With many different varieties and thousands of color variations, roses are a versatile flower perfect for almost any occasion. As part of Nancy’s Floral’s commitment to educating its customers, we present some facts about roses to help you see the world through rosecolored glasses.

First, it should be noted that roses have different grades. Roses are graded by stem length from below the head down. When buying a bunch, the shortest stem in the bunch should meet the grade length, and head size should be consistent by variety. Within each variety, longer grades will generally have larger heads than roses with shorter grades.

Short-stemmed rosesLong-stemmed rosesRoses are also cut at three different stages, catering to different market demands. The Mass Market cut is what is sold in supermarkets or large retail chains. Traditionally with tighter heads, these roses are harvested with a cut point that ranges from 2.5 to 3.0 centimeter wide heads, depending on the variety. Allowed to grow a little more, Florist Grade roses are sold wholesale to florists. This technique produces stronger stems, larger flowers, and ensures maximum opening and vase life.

Finally, Russian Cut roses, which are named for their most popular market (not their country of origin), are left to grow up to two weeks longer, resulting in some of the most beautiful roses. At Nancy’s floral we carry long-stemmed premium florist-grade roses exclusively including a selection of Russian Cuts.

Nancy’s Floral

620 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 716-4971

Brought to you by Dr. Ryan Thomas - Hillcrest Chiropractic - CHIROPRACTIC INSIDER -

HILLCREST CHIROPRACTIC - Dr. Ryan ThomasHave you been in a car crash? Every year, millions of people suffer injuries as a result of auto collisions, with many back and neck injuries leading to long-term symptoms. One of the best ways to treat these auto injuries is through chiropractic care, and here’s why:

Chiropractic Restores Motion. The muscles and ligaments of your spine can be stretched or experience micro-tears during an auto collision, leading to inflammation and pain. A chiropractic adjustment mobilizes the joints of your spine, facilitating increased blood flow to the area and speeding up the healing process.

Chiropractic Reduces Scar Tissue. When you injure a muscle or ligament, scar tissue is laid down by your body in the injured area as a patch of sorts. A chiropractic adjustment on injured vertebral joints works to break up scar tissue in the joint.

Chiropractic Improves Stress Levels. There’s no doubt that car crashes are a very traumatic life event. Reducing your stress is important after an auto collision, as stress can slow recovery time. Chiropractic patients have been shown to have lower levels of cortisol, indicating reduced stress.

Chiropractic Works! According to ChiroNexus, a leading chiropractic news site, British researchers found in 1996 that 93% of auto injury patients with neck pain experienced dramatic improvement with chiropractic care. If you’ve developed neck or back pain following a car crash, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas at Hillcrest Chiropractic Clinic today and get on the path toward optimal health.

Hillcrest Chiropractic Clinic

329 NE Hood Ave, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 491-0388

Brought to you by Doug Lepper - Crown Carpets - CARPET INSIDER -

CROWN CARPETS - Doug LepperLaminate flooring has been a wonderful option for those looking for wood and tile looks without the high price tag, and do-it-yourselfers have loved its ease of installation. But it has had one serious down side; if exposed to high humidity or constant wetting the particle board core of the product will swell, causing unsightly separating seams and humps in the floor.

A company named US Floors has developed a new hybrid product that perfects the laminate flooring concept. It is called COREtec Plus. Its advantages are many: It installs quickly and easily without the need for acclimation, and it hides most subfloor imperfections, eliminating floor preparation in all but the worst of situations. It is dimensionally stable so it can be used in large areas without transition strips. It comes with an attached cork

underlayment which adds warmth to the floor while reducing noise. Its wear layer is commercially rated and sports two coats of an acrylic finish for superior stain resistance and cleanability. And best of all, its waterproof core means it can be used in wet areas like utility and bath and still be backed with a lifetime waterproof warranty.

COREtec Plus comes in many colors in very realistic wood looks like oak, pine, maple, and walnut. It is also available in stone looks that imitate marble, travertine, and slate. And don’t worry about how to finish it off at the transition points; also available are color-matched trim pieces for a complete installation. Come and check out the new COREtec styles at Crown Carpets in Gresham.

Crown Carpets

21655 SE Stark, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 665-4162

Brought to you by Randy and Dori DeLaunay - Creative Visions Landscapes and Water Garden Center - LANDSCAPING INSIDER

CREATIVE VISIONS LANDSCAPES - Dori and Randy DeLaunayLet’s face it. For most of us, keeping our lawn and landscape in pristine condition is a chore. So why not let a team of landscaping professionals do the work for you?

At Creative Visions Landscapes, we don’t just give you a better lawn. We offer you the time to enjoy it.

Our groundskeeping crews are clean, tidy and efficient. But the level of landscape service you require depends on the needs and expectations you have for your lawn and yard. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you get.

Turf Care: Our landscapers do a lot more than mow your lawn. We edge the borders between sidewalk and grass to ensure a smooth, clean break, and thoroughly remove all trimmings and other organic material after the job is done. Turf Care also comes with fertilizing five times a year, and a yearly treatment of lime.

Bed Care: Creative Visions crews will hand weed your garden beds and rake out leaves in the fall, ensuring a flowery display free of pests and invasive flora. Pre-emergent herbicide is applied twice yearly, with post-emergent used on an as-needed basis.

Plant Care: We’ll prune shrubs and other ground cover twice a year with maintenance as needed, and fertilize your trees, shrubs and ground cover yearly. For trees under 12 feet, we’ll trim for clearance issues.

Creative Visions Landscape and Water Garden Center

9965 SE Orient Drive, Boring, OR

(503) 663-5483

Brought to you by Donivon McCord - McCord Construction - CONSTRUCTION INSIDER -

MCCORD CONSTRUCTION - Donivon McCordAnyone who adds a deck to their home wants their deck to not only be beautiful, but also sturdy and safe to guarantee longevity. At McCord Construction, we are committed to ensuring that every deck we build is unparalleled in both safety and style. Over time, however, constant weather exposure can cause even decks of the highest quality to have structural issues. That’s why, at least once a year, you should conduct an inspection of your deck to identify problems to address before minor issues turn into major headaches.

The North American Deck and Railing Association publishes an excellent guide for reference, called the Check Your Deck Consumer Checklist, to help homeowners keep their decks safe. Wood rot is one of the more common problems decks face, so

it’s important to examine the ledger board, support posts, deck boards, and stairs and railings for signs of wood rot, paying particular attention to areas regularly exposed to water.

When you’re checking out the ledger board, you’ll want to check that the fasteners are in the correct places and not loose or corroded; improperly fastened ledger boards are the #1 cause of deck failure. It’s also a good idea to confirm that the flashing is not allowing water to collect between the ledger board and your home; add or replace flashing if you notice water pooling.

These are just a few of the problems your deck can face. If you notice a repair that needs to be made, call McCord Construction today.

McCord Construction

500 NW 20th St STE 202, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 348-2366

Brought to you by Ken Mitchell-Phillips - The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips - LEGAL INSIDER -

THE LAW OFFICES OF KEN MITCHELL-PHILLIPS - Ken Mitchell-PhillipsSmall and mid-sized businesses often find it difficult to determine if they should rent or own commercial property. Purchasing commercial real estate is a complex, often difficult process with a fair amount of risk attached to it. Nevertheless, a commercial property purchase allows you to depreciate the property and reduce your taxable income, as well as giving you greater control over your overhead costs. If you’re ready to own your own commercial real estate, I’ve got a few tips to guide you.

Ask yourself a lot of questions: The biggest question to ask is “Are you ready to make an investment of this size?” If you are ready, you’ll need to grapple with issues relating to what kind of location you need, how much work you’re willing to put into the property, and how much risk you can tolerate.

Evaluate the property: You should visit many different properties to figure out which properties you fit with. Your situation and needs are unique, and not every building will fit them. Location, physical condition, allowable uses, adequacy of access, and the opportunity for expansion or leasing should all be considered.

Conduct a feasibility study: Feasibility studies are a great way to stress test potential properties. Study your business’ market, the market(s) of your potential properties, and your own finances to determine how viable your options are, and how much margin for error you have.

Call the Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips: The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips can advise and assist you every step of the way.

The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips, P.C.

1217 NE Burnside Rd, Suite 801, Gresham, OR 97080


Brought to you by Rob Cook - Nancy's Floral - FLOWER INSIDER -

NANCY'S FLORAL - Rob CookIs there anything more intoxicating than the fragrant smell of freshly cut flowers? Before you answer that, take a look at our “Happy Hour” collection—available now at Nancy’s Floral!

It’s a great idea. We take a classic martini or margarita glass and fill it with brightly-colored blooms (and chocolate-covered fruit, depending on the item purchased). The result is a whimsical creation, beautiful to look at, to smell or to taste.

One of our best-selling arrangements is called “Here’s to 21.” An acrylic margarita glass is filled with a fresh fruit display, topped by pineapple slices in the shape of the number 21.

But don’t worry about it being too healthy. The strawberries, star-shaped pineapples and grape skewers are all dunked in a delicious chocolate confection with white drizzle on top. It’s a nice (and sober) way to celebrate a “legal adult’s” big day.

NANCY'S FLORAL - An intoxicating floral arrangement, available today at Nancy's Floral!Nancy’s Floral carries a variety of other “Happy Hour” options, each meant to mimic some of the most classic cocktail drinks around. Whether your drink of choice is an apple martini, blue Hawaiian, lemon drop, sangria, margarita or a cosmopolitan, Nancy’s Floral has a flowery concoction brewed just for you.

So don’t be a floral teetotaler—imbibe our flower displays today!

Nancy’s Floral

620 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 716-4971

Brought to you by Deb-ee Jones - Bridge City Medical Aesthetics - AESTHETIC INSIDER -

BRIDGE CITY MEDICAL AESTHETICS - Deb-ee Jones, RNAre you looking to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles? Does your face or neck feel saggy and need a lift? Does the thought of invasive surgeries and their long recovery times scare you? Then let me tell you about the wonderful Ulthera system, which offers minimal downtime and impressive, noticeable results, all without surgery!

Ultherapy was approved in 2009 by the FDA to non-invasively lift the brow and tighten the skin of the upper lid. Utilizing the power of sound waves, Ultherapy stimulates the body’s own response to produce new collagen. Ultherapy incorporates ultrasound imaging, allowing for visualization of the different layers of the skin. With precise targeting of the dermis at two different depths, results from Ulthera will continue to stimulate improvement for up to 6 months after treatment!

Ultherapy is commonly used to treat the brow, jawline, lips, neck and décolleté. While some bruising and swelling may occur, most patients experience little to no downtime; often patients express that they feel an immediate, tighter result.

As a certified trainer for Ulthera, I have extensive experience with Ultherapy. I know the latest techniques to alleviate discomfort while still producing the most effective results. Schedule a comprehensive, complimentary consultation today!

Bridge City Medical Aesthetics

1410 NE 106th Ave, Portland, OR 97220

(971) 777-0303

Gresham's Latest Features

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - When two children are playing in a bounce house, they can track each other. But when you add a third or more to mix, that's when injuries happen.
July 29, 2016

Springing safely in bounce houses

by Teresa Carson
Watch for signs of heat illness - Bounce houses are big fun at block parties and birthday bashes, but it’s important to protect children from leaping into serious injuries in these inflatable play yards. “Unsafe play in bounce houses can lead to…
ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Ray Shelnutt teaches his daughters Sarena and Sophia the basics of fishing at Small Fry Lake in Promontory Park.
July 22, 2016

Getting out there: The top nature sites around

by Emily Lindstrand
Sites, activities available for all ages - Whether pitching a tent or hooking up a recreational vehicle, many people love to camp during the summer months. Neighbored by both the Mount Hood National Forest and the Clackamas River, Estacada has no…
July 06, 2016

Out and About

by Rob Cullivan
Art “The Industrial Show” — Gresham Art Committee show, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays through Aug. 4, Public Safety & Schools Building, 1331 N.W. Eastman Parkway. Free. Info: Concerts Soulful Giving — 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.…

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Solfest organizers are hoping for a healthy turnout this Saturday, June 18, in downtown Gresham.
June 17, 2016

Solfest returns to downtown Gresham on June 18

by Rob Cullivan
Hall of Famer Devin Phillips headlines event By nightfall, around the same time as this last year, Main Avenue in Historic Downtown Gresham “was packed” for Solfest, says Steve Krause, owner of The Hoppy Brewer, 328 N. Main Ave. “Was it people that…
CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY LISA CADUNGUG - Corbett Children's Theater presents of the most popular Broadway musicals ever produced, 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,' which debuts June 16.
June 14, 2016

Corbett production cloaked in many colors

by Rob Cullivan
Children's theater stages 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' Josh Johnson completely understands why the brothers of the biblical character Joseph didn’t like him. “He was given the gift of interpreting dreams and told his older brothers…
June 07, 2016

'Reality TV' addresses family, films its troubles

by Rob Cullivan
Gresham Little Theater production of dramatic depiction of common TV genre opens Friday What happens when a playwright decides to use fiction to turn a lens toward “reality”? That question gets addressed when Gresham Little Theater presents its…
CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: NICK CALABRESE  - In its 25th year, the Gresham Community Choir has become known for its seasonal concerts.
June 03, 2016

Gresham Community Choir to perform free concert June 4

by Rob Cullivan
Show will feature gospel tunes and popular hymns Get ready to be revived! The Gresham Community Choir will perform its spring concert, titled “Gospel Revival,” at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 4, at Reynolds High School, 1698 S.W. Cherry Park Road,…
CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY PHIL LAPIN - ECCO director Roger G. Nickerson leads the audience in a singalong at a recent East County Community Orchestra concert.
June 02, 2016

Community Orchestra performs June 5

by Rob Cullivan
Free concert features Strauss, Tchaikovsky Without even knowing it, you’ve likely heard Johan Strauss’ “An der schönen blauen Donau, Op. 314,” one of several pieces the East County Community Orchestra will perform at a free 3 p.m. concert on Sunday,…

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