City to spray for aphids

Over the next few weeks, Hillsboro Parks & Recreation and Hillsboro’s public works department will perform a trunk spray with a systemic insecticide on city-owned trees in the downtown core to prevent an aphid outbreak later in the season. This method of application causes the lowest impact possible to the environment and surroundings, officials said.

According to city officials, aphids suck sap and juices, causing damage to trees and shrubs. This includes damaging their ability to properly process food, which then causes a loss of vigor and wilting. Unhealthy plants can also infect healthy plants with viral diseases.

“Aphids leave behind a sweet, sticky substance called honeydew that’s produced when aphids can’t use all the sugar that they have consumed,” explained Steve Heldt, park maintenance superintendent. “This is the substance that drips onto sidewalks and cars. You will know aphids are present when surfaces are sticky. A black, sooty mold will also grow on the honeydew.”

Deputies seek burglary victims

Washington County Sheriff’s deputies are seeking additional victims of a prolific burglar. Kurt Dahlgren, 45, is alleged to have committed multiple burglaries in Washington County. During a search of Dahlgren’s residence at 8880 S.W. River Road on March 20, detectives allegedly recovered numerous stolen items from at least two burglaries, including 13 firearms.

Dahlgren's alleged victims were known to him, and in one case he was paid to perform work at the victim's house. Detectives believe he then returned and broke into the house to steal small items that were easy to liquidate. If you have any information related to this case, please call the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 503-846-2500.

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