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Principal arrested in hit and run


In two unrelated cases, a Hillsboro elementary school principal was arrested Monday night, and then, on Tuesday afternoon, a bomb threat was discovered at a local high school.

Orenco Elementary School Principal Tim Bishop, who has worked in the Hillsboro School District for 30 years, was arrested Monday on charges of hit and run, reckless driving and harassing his wife.

The hit and run charge was connected to a crash earlier in the day in Aloha in which a parked car near the Cooper Mountain Nature Park off Southwest Kemmer Road was struck by another vehicle — which turned out to be Bishop’s — whose driver left the scene.

The second charge stems from information deputies learned while investigating the hit and run. Officers discovered Tim Bishop had allegedly been physically harassing his wife, Suzanne Bishop, for some time, according to Sgt. Bob Ray of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Bishop, 52, was taken into custody by deputies at his home in Beaverton and booked into the Washington County Jail. He later posted bail and was released.

Charges include misdemeanor hit and run, reckless driving and domestic harassment.

Hillsboro School District spokeswoman Beth Graser said Bishop has been placed on paid administrative leave. His post was being covered by various administrators Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We’re working to try to figure out solutions for the next several days,” Graser said.

Bomb scare

Tuesday’s bomb threat, which was scrawled on a piece of paper taped to a stall in a girls’ bathroom at Hillsboro High School, led to two misdemeanor charges for a 17-year-old female student.

The teen, whose name has not been released, was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, according to Lt. Mike Rouches, spokesman for the Hillsboro Police Department.

The threat, which read, “There is a bomb in the school ... this place is gonna blow!” was found by students and reported to staff at about 2 p.m. Monday.

Staff called Hillsboro police, whose officers swept the campus and determined there was no bomb.

Officer Pat Hess of HPD “was able to pretty quickly determine” the identity of the note-writer, said Rouches. “They interviewed the girl, who had been in trouble at school earlier in the day and said she was mad.”

The school was not evacuated, according to school district spokeswoman Beth Graser. She said based on district policy, the student will likely be “subject to suspension and possible expulsion.”

A phone message went out to Hillsboro High School families Tuesday night informing them of the threat earlier in the day and reassuring them no device was found: “While there is no evidence that the threat is credible, due to heightened awareness after the bombing in Boston, we want to take extra precautions,” the message said.

Rouches said the girl is a sophomore at Hillsboro High. Graser said classes were in session on the school’s regular schedule Wednesday.

“The big picture here is that in this day and age you can’t write things like this,” Rouches said. “It’s way too alarming.”