An estimated 5,267 students will receive degrees this spring from Oregon State University, which will hold its 144th annual commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 15.

OSU’s commencement speaker is Brig. Gen. Julie A. Bentz, who advises the president on national security issues. She is director of strategic capabilities policy on the National Security Staff and a 1986 graduate of OSU, where she received an ROTC commission and a degree in radiological health. Bentz is the first female officer from the Oregon Army National Guard to achieve the rank of general.

This is the largest class to graduate from Oregon State University.

The following is a list of graduates from Hillsboro and North Plains:

• Hillsboro

Bachelor's degrees: Micah N. Aberth, Kevan C. Acker, Jason W. Ancell, Diana E. Arends, Grant T. Bacon, Denise M. Beasley, Samuel T. Brannon, Sandy J. Chastain, David C. Clitheroe, Jacob T. Crampton, Elizabeth M. Eastman, Chelsea A. Edgmont, Michelle L. Evans, Joan I. Falcÿn, Jessica M. Foerster, Nikolas G. Gianopulos, Ryan J. Gilleese, David L. Grover, Heidi L. Gurske, Chloe C. Hanson, Cory J. Harris, Jeremy A. Hawkins, Juliette C. Hendrickson, Heidi T. Hill, Kyle L. Hollis, Bachelor of Science, Samuel W. Hopson, Samantha Hua, Luke J. Injerd, Fatemeh M. Jafarbay, Seth R. Johnson, Fred A. Jr., Christine Kieu, Yanelly G. Leyva, Clara I. Mandujano, Kevin P. McCloud, Kyle J. Peden, Bachelor of Science, Cody R. Richfield, Jessica G. Rodriguez-Schofield, Kallie D. Ross, Brian M. Schiffer, Stephanie D. Schmiedeskamp, Jacob B. Seawell, Kelsey L. Selander, Nicholas R. Seybold, Kelsey E. Smith, Joshua M. Soto, Kyle J. Stanton, Amber Stark, Ciera E. Strickland, Sopheak Tan, Katharine M. Teeter, Kim R. Tung, Bachelor of Science, Jessica L. Vance, Albert J. Van Domelen, Samuel J. Waibel, Galen T. White, Laura L. Winship, Hunter G. Zimmerman.

Eric K. Donkoh earned a Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

• North Plains

Bachelor's degrees: Margaret M. Coucher, Kyle J. Meeuwsen, Taylor A. Pfaff, Paige A. Thompson.

Josef G. Hortnagl earned a Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering.

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