If it’s almost summer, it’s almost time for downtown Hillsboro’s premier summer event: the Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace. The excitement has been building for a while now as bands are booked, vendors are creating, food is preparing and events are planning.

If you have never been to the Tuesday Marketplace, you are missing out on a great evening of family and community fun. You also might not know that the market originated 15 years ago to bring people to historic downtown Hillsboro while major sidewalk renovations might have otherwise kept customers away from downtown businesses. It also provided local farmers and crafters another market venue for selling their goods.

The Tuesday Marketplace did struggle with growing pains for the first few years, but the event was embraced by the community, donations were raised and it has become a favorite summertime tradition for people of all ages and walks of life. It continues to grow each year with generous support and contributions from presenting partner Tuality Healthcare and co-partner, Larry H. Miller Dealerships; the city of Hillsboro and Washington County, whose backyard we play in each week; John L. Scott; KUIK-AM; the Hillsboro Argus; and many friends and supporters.

A wonderful team of staff and volunteers and a very hard-working board of directors keep me on my toes.

During my five seasons of planning the Tuesday Marketplace, I have met people who have never been or never heard about the event. But those who do eventually venture down for the first time always wonder why they have not been sooner, and they always come back.

The Tuesday Marketplace is not just a market. It is a gathering place; a community festival where friends hang out and neighbors come together to stroll. More than 90 vendors tempt your senses, offering homemade and homegrown delights of foods, produce, baked goods and arts and crafts, and downtown businesses remain open for that extra shopping experience.

Starting June 11, from 5 to 8:30 p.m., there are 12 weeks to enjoy this tradition and it is totally free. You can find us in historic downtown Hillsboro on East Main Street from Third Avenue to First Avenue.

Find out how you can become a Friend of the marketplace, win prizes, join the party and learn about upcoming events. And visit our website,

Lesley Wise is the manager of Hillsboro’s Tuesday Marketplace.

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