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A Hillsboro methamphetamine distribution ring has been busted by the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team, which seized 3.5 pounds of meth, more than $14,000 in cash and a Glock handgun at three locations in Hillsboro last week, including the scene of a traffic stop.

The street value of the drugs seized is estimated at more than $30,000.

Gerardo Barriga-Avalos, 26, and Manuel Avalos-Pina, 28, were arrested and charged with alleged possession and distribution of a controlled substance. The suspects are being held on $500,000 bail.

The arrests began when the team made a traffic stop on Barriga-Avalos in Hillsboro at the direction of the Beaverton Police Department May 23. Two pounds of meth were reportedly seized during the stop.

The team later seized a half-pound of meth from a storage unit in Hillsboro, as well as another pound of meth, cash and a handgun from 1192 N.E. Grant St. in Hillsboro. Avalos-Pina was also arrested at the residence.

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