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In July, Hillsboro High School educators and staff from over the decades enjoyed an “old-timer staff meeting/reunion,” and at that time took this photograph depicting teachers, administrators and classified staff who worked at Hilhi over a period encompassing about four decades.

“Attendees wore nametags giving their first year on staff at Hilhi, and they ranged from 1964 to 1995,” said Walt Hellman, the main organizer of the reunion, which was held at the Social Hall of the Edwards Meadows Homeowners Association. “There will be many, many former Hilhi students who will want to see their old teachers and staff.” by: COURTESY PHOTO - More than 50 former Hillsboro High School staffers who worked at the school from 1964-1995 gathered recently at the Edwards Meadows Homeowners Association in Hillsboro.

Hellman added that the former Hilhi staffers contributed more than $400 to the current “beleaguered” staff to provide them with a treat before the school year begins.

“It was so they could enjoy a really nice in-service lunch, and this will be coming up in a few weeks as the school year opens,” Hellman said.

Those who attended Hillsboro High School are invited to take a look at the photo to see if they recognize any of their former instructors.

Front row (left to right): Tom Rohlffs, Dick Nelson, Bonnie Rohlffs, JoAnne Shuman, Elaine Suminski, MaryAnn Barnekoff, Marvelyn Hess, Marilyn Stribling, Vicki Lindberg, Debbie Van Roekel, Jeannette (Naught) Bardi; second row: Sue Smith, Lynn Shrauger, Gail Moore, Lissa Sacks, Kay Jackson, Jan Kastberg, Marsha Arganbright, Elaine Hoff, Sandy Morey, Janet Pendergrass, Meredith Bach, Dorothy Bright, Don Domes, Wayne Turner, Gordon Hoffman; third row: Bob Orme, Larry Binkerd, Doug Girod, Judy Vogland, Ted Zehr, Verity Thomas, Kristie Duyckinck, Linda O’Donnell, Walt Hellman, Joy Pendergrass, Susan (Fries) Williams, John Stotka, Rocky Harris, Phil Barnekoff, Libby (Miller) Dunbar, Bob Allnutt, Lynette Sahnow, Roberta Hutton, John Neumann, Jim Roehm, John Venemon, Rick Doughty, Ed Lunn and Dave Parker.