Teams scour logging roads for Ryan Horn, 28, missing from Hillsboro

HornAfter multiple days of disappointment, searchers continued to look for Ryan Ross Horn this week in forested areas off Highway 26 near Banks.

The 28-year-old has been missing from his Hillsboro home since Aug. 29.

“There were no updates during the night, even though law enforcement is following every lead — interviewing friends and working around the clock,” Michele Haynes, Horn’s mother, said Tuesday.

Detective Marth Bual of the Hillsboro Police Department and Deputy Dean Burdick of the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office tramped through the woods Wednesday morning in search of clues to Horn’s whereabouts.

“We’re double-checking previously checked areas to make sure we didn’t miss something on a side path,” said Bual, who added that finding Horn alive was getting less and less likely.

“We’re possibly looking at a recovery at this point,” he said. “I think the family understands that.”

More than 100 volunteers joined Hillsboro Police, Tillamook County deputies, Oregon State Police and park rangers to scour the area near the Manning trailhead and Northwest Pihl Road over Labor Day weekend as the search for Horn expanded to Washington, Tillamook and Columbia counties.

Private planes circled the sky between Hillsboro and the Oregon coast in an attempt to spot Horn from the air.

Horn, who works as an inspector for Genentech Inc., a Hillsboro biotechnology company, was thought to be traveling alone in a dark red 2002 Ford Ranger pickup. Family members believe he headed west on the Sunset Highway or Highway 6. His last cell phone activity pinged off the Lodge Road cell tower near Banks late last week.

Despite the search’s focus on western Washington County, Bual allowed that Horn could have turned off his cell phone and taken off in another direction.

“That’s a possibility,” he said. “We’ll follow leads whenever we get new ones.”

Horn has short brown hair and blue eyes and is 5-foot-11 and 185 pounds. He was wearing dark “skinny” jeans and a dark gray hooded jacket when he was last seen. He reportedly was carrying a gun.

“The search has not stopped since he left home,” said Haynes, who lives in Hillsboro. “If we locate his truck, we’ll find him.”

Haynes said Horn, who suffers from bipolar disorder and is under a doctor’s care, had recently been despondent over a stressful family situation.

“He just took off out of the room” where family members were having a conversation last Thursday morning, she said, and left his wallet behind.

“I grew concerned when he didn’t answer my phone calls or text messages,” said Haynes, who added that she found Horn’s empty prescription bottles on the floor of his bedroom.

By Monday, she feared the worst.

“I’m afraid we’re going to get some very bad news,” Haynes said. “I think Ryan was impaired that morning in a way we weren’t aware of. I think he did something impulsive.”

Haynes emphasized that Horn’s affliction was “not the sum total” of who he is.

“Ryan has a chronic illness, just like someone with high blood pressure or diabetes,” she said.

A Facebook page called “Missing Person — Ryan Horn” is being updated several times a day with the latest news. Haynes said the page had been shared thousands of times.

Meanwhile, Horn’s loved ones waited and hoped.

“Our greatest wish is that we bring him home, no matter what,” said Haynes. She praised the work of Bual and Burdick, who were leading the investigation. “We just cannot believe the personal interest they’ve taken in helping us get Ryan back home.”

Police are asking anyone who spots Horn’s truck, which carries Oregon plates 806 FFR, to immediately call 911. An iPhone-friendly application that aids in locating missing persons is another way cell users might help. Information can be found online at

“The sharpness of the pain is agonizing,” Horn’s sister, Jessica Bledsoe of Cornelius, wrote on her Facebook page Sept. 2. “The kindness of strangers is overwhelming.”

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