Washington County’s Minor Betterment Committee wants the public to review and comment on the projects being considered for funding in fiscal year 2014-15.

Committee members applied evaluation criteria to more than 130 candidates to identify the top small-scale interim road improvements that address safety and/or connectivity issues in the county.

Comments submitted by Sept. 30 will be considered. The committee will review public comments on the top candidates and then recommend projects for potential construction in 2014-15.

The Minor Betterment Committee is comprised of county land-use and transportation staff and citizens representing the Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee, the Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee and the Committee for Citizen Involvement.

To propose a Minor Betterment project, submit an online form or contact the Operations and Maintenance Division at 503-846-ROAD (503-846-7623).

Community organizations interested in hosting a presentation about the program and the project candidates in their area are encouraged to contact the Operations and Maintenance Division.

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