A surveillance video that may show 28-year-old Ryan Ross Horn’s truck moving past a gas station on Highway 26 near Buxton is the latest clue to where the Hillsboro man might have gone after he disappeared late last month. by: COURTESY PHOTO - The red truck in the upper left corner of this videotape, recorded at the Time Gas Station on Highway 26 near Buxton on Aug. 29, might belong to Hillsboro resident Ryan Horn, who has been missing since that morning.

Horn’s parents, Michelle Haynes and Brent Horn, believe the tape shows their son’s red Ford driving past Time Gas Station, 49950 N.W. Sunset Highway, at 10:59 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 29. Investigators aren’t sure Horn was at the wheel — or even if the truck was his — but it’s the biggest break the missing man’s family has gotten since he left Hillsboro the same day the video was recorded.

“His mom and dad strongly believe it was Ryan’s truck,” Det. Marth Bual of the Hillsboro Police Department said Monday. He added that because of the angle of the shot and the speed of the vehicle, he can’t be 100 percent sure.

However, Bual said the videotape did convince investigators that Horn was traveling westbound on Highway 26 that morning — not on Highway 6, which was one of their earlier theories. “The question becomes, ‘Did he turn north on Highway 47 toward Vernonia, or just keep going [west]?’” Bual said.

The camera is owned by Sam and Donna Waters, proprietors of Time Gas Station, which is about six miles northwest of Banks, just east of the Highway 47 turnoff for Stub Stewart State Park and Vernonia.

“They’ve been a great help,” Haynes said Monday. “The tape has shrunk the search area for us. We now have a different ‘last seen’ point for Ryan.”

Ryan Horn, a Genentech Inc. employee, has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs about 185 pounds. He reportedly was carrying a gun when he left Haynes’ home three weeks ago. His truck bears Oregon license plates 806 FFR.

Jessica Bledsoe of Cornelius, Ryan’s sister, is counting on someone finding the truck. “That’s the key,” she said. “When we saw the frame on the tape, we all jumped out of our chairs. It was both extremely upsetting and exciting at the same time.”

Haynes said she and her family members still hold out hope that Ryan will be found alive, though he was known to be feeling despondent when he left. “You think about the possibilities and it’s just exhausting,” she said.

A page on Facebook dedicated to finding Horn — called Missing Person Ryan Horn — has more than 2,000 followers, many who message the family with offers of help.

“People say they’ve gone down extra roads on their way home just so they can look for anything connected to Ryan,” said Bledsoe, who plans to distribute more fliers about Ryan in Vernonia this week.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Bual at 503-681-6190. If you think you spot Horn’s truck, dial 911.

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