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A gift from angels


Thirty years ago, Badeish Lange had a vision that changed her life.

She said an angel appeared in her California home, shifting her whole point of view. by: HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: JOHN SCHRAG - Badeish Lange, who claims she has psychic gifts, practices hypnotherapy out of her home office in Hillsboro.

The angel first appeared by her hospital bed when she was 3 years old, Lange claims, and cured her inner ear infection. When the angel appeared again when Lange was in her late 30s, she was inspired to accept and channel the gifts she always believed she had.

Born Evelyn Lay, Lange later took the angel’s name — Badeish.

Lange now offers past-life, medical intuitive, bio-energetic and life coaching sessions, as well as hypnosis, out of her home office in Hillsboro.

Locals who visited the Oregon Renaissance Festival at the Washington County Fair Complex in early September may recall seeing Badeish, who operated a booth at the festival during the event’s first few weeks.

Lange insists she’s not an entertainer, however, but a healer.

“I provide stimulating criteria to increase self-awareness and body awareness for more conscious living,” explained Lange, who’s had training in hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is mostly just a “state of relaxation that allows inner intelligence to be present,” Lange said. “It’s kind of like a specific daydream.”

Sam Cass, who performed at the Renaissance Festival for a few weeks this month, has visited psychics before, but she’s still skeptical about each one she visits.

“Some psychics are really good and authentic, some are not,” Cass said. “Badeish is the real deal.”

Cass’ session with Lange centered on her personal pursuit of creativity.

“She’s not a fortune teller, but focuses on what’s going on with you personally,” Cass explained. “I think people are often scared psychics are going to tell them all these horrible things, but professionals decide what you can handle. It’s more of a tuning into strong possibilities; there are always still choices.”

Cass said she thinks of a good psychic as a counselor.

Most people come to Lange during hard times — when they are suffering from depression, for example, going through divorce or experiencing health problems.

Lange said she keeps a referral list of psychologists and psychiatrists for clients she believes need more help than she feels she is qualified to provide.

She believes individuals’ “frequencies” are how angels find and connect with people.

“Nobody walks into my office alone,” said Lange, who is certain everyone has guardian spirits. “Everything is made of energy, and everyone has their own frequency. A reconnection of energy is what heals.”

Lange sees clients in person and consults with them via phone, but she said she’ll also “receive” information about people she’s standing next to in the store.

“If I’m out there and it happens, I put what I know or have heard to them in a friendly way,” Lange said. “Usually, it’s life-changing.”

Born on Friday the 13th as a self-described “seventh-generation intuitive,” Lange, 67, said the “gifts” run in her family. Her mother, she added, was “extremely gifted, but very quiet about it.”

Working as a masseuse decades ago, Lange said she knew she had the “healing ability,” so she decided to take her gifts to the next level.

Lange has traveled the nation speaking about her work and leading workshops. For a few years — from 2008 to 2010 — she had her own cable show, “Create Your Own Reality.”

Currently, she’s working on a book about her unique skills and spiritual experiences.

“People need to feel safe and trust you,” Lange said. “They have to have their hearts open to the idea that people have these abilities with a calling to make a difference in peoples’ lives. I help people to consciously live their lives so they don’t regret not following their gut feelings.”

Lange pointed out that she works hard to practice her teachings in her own daily routine.

“You can’t teach what you don’t live,” she said.