The Hillsboro Ballpark has won an award from the American Public Works Association.

At the organization’s annual conference in Bend on Oct. 24, the $15.5 million ballpark was selected as “Project of the Year” by the Oregon Chapter in the “structures and projects” category for projects that cost more than $5 million but less than $25 million.

In applying for the award, representatives of the Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department said the project fulfills a community need, was completed within a matter of months, had an excellent construction safety record and was built with sustainable practices.

“A typical project of this size takes two to three years to scope, permit, design and construct.

There was a strong community desire to make the transition of a minor league team to Hillsboro from their previous location seamless,” read an excerpt from the application.

The ballpark is home of the Hillsboro Hops Single-A baseball team and is also available for school and community sports events.

It is located in the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex off Highway 26 near Cornelius Pass Road.

— Jim Redden

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