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Church foundation wants to give away $10K


The Southminster Presbyterian Church Foundation plans to award $10,000 in grants to Washington County nonprofits that provide health care, shelter, food, housing or mental health services to low-income residents.

Foundation guidelines for approving grants include:

n Priority is given to the local community. International grants are specifically precluded.

n Priorities for funding are: Services; facilities/equipment; and staff.

n Grants are made for a single year and are rarely approved for more than two consecutive years for a single organization.

n Funds are designated for the specific purpose for which the request was made or as agreed upon between the foundation and the grantee.

In practice, individual grant amounts are almost always less than $3,000. The foundation appropriated $9,500 in grants in 2013 and has awarded more than $400,000 to community organizations since 1980. 

Visit southmin.org for more information and a grant application.