Dec. 11

n A man reported that someone smashed his vehicle window and stole his laptop while he was parked at Old Chicago in the 17900 block of N.W. Evergreen Road.

n A vehicle hit an electrical box in an apartment complex parking lot in the 2600 block of N.W. 194th Avenue and then fled.

n Someone stole $4 from an unlocked vehicle in the 5700 block of N.E. Daventry Street.

n A vehicle window was smashed in the 2500 block of N.W. 229th Avenue, but nothing was stolen.

Dec. 12

n Large amounts of bagged yard debris were dumped overnight in the 1300 block of N.W. Connell Avenue.

n Omega Morgan Inc. employees in the 23800 block of N.W. Huffman Street called to report 30 protestors from “Rising Tide” had entered their facility, proceeded into offices and were refusing to leave. They were protesting the shipment of large storage containers to the oil sands in Alberta, Canada. After establishing a police line within the lobby, officers were able to negotiate with the group, affiliated with Earth First, to peacefully leave the business after issuing a trespass warning and letting them know arrests would follow if they did not leave. Protestors were advised of their right to relocate to the public sidewalk on Huffman Street.

n A guitar was found in a parking lot in the 600 block of S.E. 10th Avenue.

n A purse was stolen from a shopping cart at Safeway in the 2100 block of N.W. 185th Avenue.

n Unknown suspects stole a blowup snowman from a yard in the 700 block of S.E. Camellia Court.

Dec. 13

n Someone stole gas from the Chevron in the 800 block of S.E Baseline Street.

n A 1997 Pontiac Grand Am stalled on the highway near the intersection of Highway 26 and N.W. 185th Avenue, and before the owner could return it had been stolen.

Dec. 14

n In the 1500 block of S.E. Jacquelin Drive, two unlocked vehicles were entered and rifled through.

n A mailbox in the 300 block of S.E. 12th Avenue was hit overnight, but the driver did not stop.

n Two vehicle windows were smashed but nothing was taken in the 3900 block of E. Main Street.

n A park gazebo and concrete floor in the 1700 block of S.E. Walnut Street were tagged.

Dec. 15

n Graffiti was found in the 1700 block of S.E. Walnut Street.

n An unidentified juvenile stole $200 worth of speakers from Target in the 2200 block of S.E. Tualatin Valley Highway.

n A woman reported her 2001 Mercedes stolen from the 1900 block of N.W. 192nd Avenue.

Dec. 16

n A mailbox in the 1800 block of N.E. 15th Avenue was vandalized overnight.

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