The deadline is approaching for hunters who purchased 2013 big game or turkey tags to report their hunt results.

The deadline is Jan. 31 for most tags.

Hunters are required to report on each deer, elk, cougar, bear, pronghorn and turkey tag purchased — even if they were not successful or did not hunt.

As of Jan. 8, reporting rates averaged 54 percent for 2013 deer and elk tags. More than 140,000 deer and elk tags still need to be reported, according to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Hunters who fail to report 2013 deer or elk tags on time will be penalized $25 when they purchase a 2015 hunting license. This penalty is assessed once, regardless of the number of unreported tags.

This is the second year hunters face a $25 penalty for not reporting. Before the penalty went into effect for 2012 tags, reporting rates averaged 40 percent — a rate too low for the data to be reliable. Reporting rates have doubled — from 40 percent for 2011 tags to 80-85 percent for 2012 tags — since the addition of the penalty.

“The information hunters provide is used when setting controlled hunt tag numbers and hunting seasons,” said Tom Thornton, ODFW’s game program manager. “We really appreciate hunters taking a few minutes of their time to complete the report.”

April 15 is the reporting deadline for 2013 hunts that end between Jan. 1 and March 31, 2014.

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