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Deputies put down loose bull in Cornelius

A loose Charolais bull gave some Cornelius residents a scare late Monday morning, Jan. 19. Photo Credit: COURTESY OF WCSO - A lone bull's rampage through the small town of Cornelius ended Monday afternoon, Jan. 19, when a Washington County sheriff's deputy shot the animal.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) deputies responded to a call about the bull around 11:30 a.m. in the area of North 29th and Highway 8. Deputies had received a call earlier that seven bulls had broken out of a damaged fence at a ranch in the 33000 block of Highway 8, according to Sgt. Bob Ray of WCSO.

The bulls reportedly caused damage at the Kubota dealership on Baseline Road on the west end of Hillsboro before “disappearing into the night,” Ray said. “Six bulls found their way home, and the reported sighting was the missing bull.”

The bull moved its way into several Cornelius neighborhoods, “crashing through yards as deputies attempted to guide the animal back to the ranch,” said Ray. The bull was disoriented and continued to elude deputies in a path covering a mile-wide radius through the city and surrounding farm land.

Around 2 p.m., the bull “fixated on and began to charge” Augustine (Morgan) White, 23, outside his home in the 2700 block of North Davis Court. The animal knocked White down to the asphalt driveway, then ran in a different direction.

White was treated and released at a local hospital for “bruising of the ribs and extensive abrasions,” Ray said.

By late afternoon the bull was still at large. It was once again cornered by deputies in the 300 block of North 29th Avenue. The bull’s owner had called a local butcher company to dispatch (kill) and process the bull, “but they were unsuccessful after two attempts,” said Ray.

The bull ran south on North 29th Avenue toward Tualatin Valley Highway. Deputies stopped traffic as the bull ran across the thoroughfare and into a large farm field.

A third attempt by the butcher to subdue the bull was unsuccessful. A sheriff’s patrol sergeant used his rifle to kill it “to avoid further danger to the public and property damage,” Ray said.

Deputies believe the fence containing the bulls was damaged by recent heavy rains, causing it to fail. No citations are anticipated, Ray said.

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