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Don’t blame unemployment on 2016 election

Regarding Ken Ballamy’s letter to the editor of Nov. 18, I would like to point out that the American majority spoke to say that Hillary Clinton should be our president. Mr. Trump DID NOT get the majority of the votes of the American people.

My liberal heart goes out to Mr. Bellamy as one of the people who is unemployed.

However, unemployment is very low in Oregon; less than 6 percent.

We do lose many jobs to technical advances. Robots assemble our cars. Computers have replaced encyclopedias, typewriters, adding machine, postal delivery even customer services. GPS systems have replaced maps.

Just as the Pony Express died when the telegraph was invented, we will lose jobs to technical development for the foreseeable future.

So, Mr. Ballamy, don’t look for any changes soon. Progress grinds on regardless of the jobs affected. Put on your big boy pants and look for some training that will make your skills more marketable. Good luck.

Ellen Bloch