School spirit doesn’t need to be vulgar

Disappointing show of support (Friday, Sept. 28) at the crosstown rival Glencoe vs. Hillsboro football game.

Team identity is valuable, it’s fun to wear your colors, play the fight song, and cheer/jeer at events. Friday night’s Crimson Tide loyalty, however, crossed the line of “responsible freedom of expression,” to borrow a phrase from the school district handbook.

It’s unfortunate that the choices of a few Glencoe students wearing homemade T-shirts reading “Spuck the Fartans” and “Do your part, Kill the Sparts,” reflect poorly on the whole.

Most disappointing are the adults who allowed these kids representing their team and school to display unsportsmanlike behavior.

I hope the administration at GHS will take action, set and enforce higher standards of citizenship, and that the district as a whole will demand better behavior. You can be a loyal fan without being vulgar.

Let’s demand better from our kids, because, they are amazing kids and are capable of great things. The Glencoe football program lists three core values from their mission statement: character, strength and honor. Perhaps those fine athletes could share those values with their fans.

Nancy Melendez


Casino backers should not use Grange name

Thank you for publishing the informational article, “Grange bypasses casino battle” in your recent first edition of the Hillsboro Tribune.

I too have shared the concerns expressed by Oregon State Grange and National Grange officials, when I saw the name of their venerable organization suddenly co-opted by a for-profit company — a company running endless, expensive ads on our local television channels, trying to persuade voters to change the Oregon State Constitution just so they can open up a private casino.

Of course they didn’t exactly call it that in their ads. They quietly slipped the word “casino” into the middle of loud claims that they are promoting family entertainment. And in the midst of extolling the virtues of the former greyhound racing track (the one we voted out of existence because of its sad history of abusing the racing dogs just so some of us could gamble).

Seeing such one-sided political ads makes me at least grateful that Oregon is not a swing state in the national elections this year. At least, we have been spared the barrage of bitter, questionable political advertising that I hear the voters in some states are enduring.

However, with our own Oregon state elections also coming up, we now get to listen to our own little flood of slanted ads to get us to vote for the private interests who want us to help them rake in the profits from more casino gambling (with its inevitable backlash of gambling addictions and organized crime) or from shipping our U.S. coal reserves overseas. The problem is that (since no one is running against these people) we simply never get to hear the other side.

Thank you, Hillsboro Tribune, for helping us to understand it better.

Chris Spalding


Negative campaign turns off independent voters

I am deeply offended by the negative campaign being run by Katie Eyre against Ben Unger. First she insults everyone in her district who is renting a home rather than buying, suggesting that renters are not “real” citizens of the community. Then she sends out campaign literature that is totally negative and has some actual lies in it.

It is too bad Ms. Eyre cannot stick to running on her own record, and instead must resort to false smear tactics. Perhaps she is ashamed of her own record?

I am an independent voter, and my vote will go to Ben Unger because Mr. Unger is a longtime resident of Washington County with deep family ties to the area, he is committed to improving education, and he has run a campaign that is factual and has no negativity.

Rex Jemison


Unger knows our

House district’s needs

Ben Unger is our best choice to be state representative for House District 29. His opponent has been cramming our mail boxes with propaganda that is divisive, inaccurate and extremely insulting to the political process.

The last piece I received does not even list his opponent; rather, it accuses Unger of temporarily renting in House District 29. Is there something wrong with citizens that rent their homes?

It leaves out the fact that Ben Unger was born, raised, educated and worked in House District 29, and knows and understands the needs of the district’s citizens.

His incumbent opponent also accuses Ben of a “history of running false negative campaigns that insult voters.” I have never seen this with Ben’s campaign, but that is all I have seen from Katie Eyre’s literature.

I am pleased that Unger bases his platform on his experience, knowledge, support and qualifications to represent us in the House. I am still looking for his opponent’s qualifications and accomplishments in her first term. What is her record other than being a CPA?

As a fourth-generation farmer and small business owner, I fully support the election of Ben Unger as our representative to House District 29. I have found Ben prepared, knowledgeable, transparent and above all a positive force to reach out and unite, not divide. It does not appear that the incumbent shares this approach.

Lyle Spiesschaert

Forest Grove

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