While I love the rain, and we do live in Oregon, I do not like it when it rains on Tuesdays!

The first night of this year’s Tuesday Marketplace rained on all the staff as we were setting up, but it was dry and beautiful by 5 p.m. I love those days. It messes with my hair a little, but so long as it stops raining in time for all the vendors to set up and the shoppers to arrive, I am good with it.

Each week, I check the weather. If I see rain in the forecast, I don’t do my hair and curse the weatherman, although it is Oregon and it is still June. But you know what I also like about Oregon? Most people don’t care if it rains! People still come out to the market. They still shop and they still enjoy themselves.

It will take more than a little rain to stop us from setting up the Tuesday Marketplace, and looking at the latest forecast, we will be dripping wet a couple more times while we haul tents and tables and hang banners and signs, but let’s hope, like most rainy days, by the afternoon it’s raining over Portland and clear and sunny over Hillsboro!

Others who like the rain are our produce growers and flower vendors. All that moisture keeps the fresh looking fresher and your flowers will last just a few days longer. I am sure our farmers also get a little wet picking produce early in the morning getting ready for market.

We plan for a little wet in the first few weeks, and we schedule events that need to stay dry for later in the season — like the “classic cars” display, which we now schedule for July and August. Of course, the bands don’t like rain either, but we have them covered and if you plan to sit and listen, do bring a “brolly” and a raincoat so you can sit and enjoy the music with us.

Lesley Wise is manager of Hillsboro’s Tuesday Marketplace. The market is open between 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at East Main Street and Second Avenue in downtown Hillsboro from June 11 to Aug. 27.

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