Legislators urge citizens to vote ‘Yes’ on school bond

We are united in our support of Measure 34-206, the Hillsboro Schools Technology and Safety Bond.

As a hub of technological innovation, Hillsboro has a standard to maintain. Yet, as a result of years of budget cuts, our schools have not kept up with technological changes. Functioning, appropriate computers and expanded wireless access are essential to education. Over half of the district’s computers are beyond their useful life. Now is the time to provide students with the opportunities they need to succeed in college and careers.

The Hillsboro School District has done their homework in preparing for this bond. They completed a thorough analysis of technology needs and are ready to invest in an improved level of technology and an innovative learning environment. Their 5-year plan will give every student access to high quality, technology-integrated instruction.

As your state legislators, we know this is an essential investment. We can’t imagine going through our day without access to technology. Yet students and teachers deal with aged computers and poor Internet access. Our students represent our future. They need to be prepared for real world jobs that are technology based.

We urge your “Yes” vote on 34-206.

Rep. Joe Gallegos, House District 30

Sen. Bruce Starr, Senate District 15

Rep. Ben Unger, House District 29

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