Show Guard families they are appreciated

Gift cards donated to our Oregon National Guard families are so appreciated during the holiday season. Families of deployed soldiers often experience financial difficulties, especially during this expensive time of year.

The gift cards are distributed under the direction of Col. Dave Ferre of the Oregon National Guard. The cards offer some financial relief and demonstrate our appreciation to our soldiers and their families.

Citizens of our state can help these families by sending gift cards in any amount to our Oregon National Guard. Gift cards for grocery stores, toys, clothing or fuel are appreciated. It’s a great way to let our soldiers and their families know we appreciate them.

Send gift cards to: Col. Dave Ferre, Oregon National Guard, P.O. Box 14350, Salem, OR 97309.

Becky Cartier

Lake Oswego

Intel’s products clean, but processes dirty

Intel: Are you a clean semi-conductor manufacturer? Yes you are — for the chips and component parts you make. Your chips have to be made under the strictest conditions of cleanliness. Even your employees wear white coats and other apparel with special procedures to guarantee no dust or contaminant goes from the employee’s body to the chip. Some employees have told me they wonder whether Intel is as concerned about things going the other way — toxins from the environment into their bodies.

As much as I am concerned about employee safety and health, I am really concerned about the health of the people who live within a 25-mile dispersion radius from any Washington County Intel manufacturing plant.

Many of the toxic chemicals, some heavier than air, are colorless and odorless. And it does not take much exposure to adversely affect a person’s health.

In addition to hazardous air pollutants, which include the hydrogen fluorides Intel has been emitting, I am concerned about the amount of greenhouse gases Intel wants to emit each year — 819,000 tons.

Fred Marsh, a research chemist for 39 years who worked at Los Alamos labs for more than 25 years, told me “819,000 tons of greenhouse gases Intel could release under the proposed permit is equal to 2,244 tons per day, 93.5 tons per hour, and more than 1.5 tons per minute.”

The current and proposed Intel air emission permits allow the release of an entire year’s amount of any permitted compound, no matter how toxic, in a day, or an hour, or as short a time as they wish. Intel operates 24/7/365.

I hope they will be good neighbors and install redundant equipment so when something fails to clean the air, another system is in place to do so. Anything else is unconscionable.

Dale Feik

Forest Grove

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