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Yes, there are still angels among us

I turned on my TV and heard: “Once you have been hit by the flu, get in bed and cancel your daily run. There is some evidence that pushing yourself can depress your immune system and slow recovery,” said Dr. Nieman.

A new study has found that running for five or 10 minutes a day is good for your heart and could lower your risk of dying.

I turned off my TV, wondering if a study had ever been done to determine whether or not there were angels present on our planet Earth.

Recently, I had a doctor’s appointment in Hillsboro. I’ve seen this doctor many times and knew the way. But the closer I got to Hillsboro, the road restructuring was very distracting, with open ditches, machines piling up muddy dirt, traffic redirected and noise from the machines very deafening. Things looked so unfamiliar that I thought maybe I had gone past my doctor’s office. I turned around and could soon see this was a mistake.

I turned off the main road and flagged a car down. A woman came over to my car and I asked her, “Could you direct me to this doctor’s office?”

After giving me explicit instructions, she could tell by the look on my face that I was confused. She spoke with her husband and then said to me, “My husband and I will take you to your doctor’s office.”

I followed their shiny blue car until we arrived at our destination. The husband opened my car door, extended his strong arm and escorted me into the doctor’s office.

Now maybe there has never been a study done to discern if angels are present on planet Earth, but I know for a fact they are here, because I met two of them.

Lois Akerson

Forest Grove

We need to invest in kids

Consider the investments we as a community make in our children. As a subset of these investments, drug and alcohol prevention results in an amazing cost benefit.

In the theatrical environment of schools, government and health care, remember that prevention strategies reduce harm and help reinforce the fact that drug and alcohol dependence is treatable. This issue is also preventable, and is affecting a small, yet significant, number of people in our community.

Eric Squires

Hillsboro Empowers Youth


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