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Chuck Riley has the right background to serve

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working for Chuck Riley’s Oregon Senate campaign. He’s a real person, not a stereotypical politician, and he listened to my request for creation of new laws that would protect pedestrians, cyclists and others who don’t always fare well in collisions with vehicles. I know if he’s elected he will do something about it.

His service in the Air Force and as a three-term state legislator have been honorable and marked by intelligence and integrity. His background as a farm kid and a business owner prepare him to set priorities that protect farms and small businesses in Washington County. His integrated approach to funding schools, increasing access to job training and supporting veterans and working class families will give the county a solid employee base. His support of small businesses will give those groups solid employment.

I think you’ll like Chuck Riley, as I do.

Dean Sigler


Measure 91 is a bad idea

For all of the voters in Forest Grove and Washington County, my plan is to encourage a resounding vote of “No” on Measure 91 on the November ballot. The measure would open the door to recreational marijuana in Oregon and make the state one of only three in the United States to allow anyone older than 21 to possess pot.

First, from a recent article in the Oregonian, I quote: “There are adverse health effects of smoking marijuana and the costs of treating these effects.” The American Lung Association says marijuana use more than doubles a driver’s risk of being in an accident, and marijuana smoke deposits four times as much tar into the lungs as do cigarettes. An increase in marijuana use will cause an increase in death caused by cancer. In Oregon, tobacco kills approximately 6,000 people per year and costs $900 million in health costs per year. Is it right for Oregon to trade lives of pot smokers for revenue?

Second, about two years ago, a circuit judge from Washington County drug court lectured the Forest Grove Rotary Club on problems and issues in the operation of his court. When asked about the legalization of marijuana, his answer was, “It would be an amazingly stupid thing to do.”

Third, why should we be concerned? There are 2,000 students in Forest Grove High School and 4,000 students and staff on the Pacific University campus. These students are, for each year, guests of Forest Grove and Washington County. Pot must not become available for recreational use for these students as they become 21 years old.

A personal note: I am 94 years old and don’t smoke. My brother made it to 95; he did not smoke. My grandfather, 92, did not smoke. But my father smoked, and he died from it at 82. What a price to pay for tobacco use, and marijuana is worse.

For those of you who don’t know me, I graduated from Pacific in math, was a Navy officer in World War II, came home to Forest Grove, worked for 36 years in administration at Pacific University, was district governor of Rotary from 1979 to 1980 and live at Jennings McCall.

George Horner

Forest Grove


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